Sunday, July 28


We had a pretty amazing summer.  Here is just a small peak at all of the fun.  I have been so busy that I have not blogged in a couple of months.....I guess just running crazy and living life, so that I actually have something to blog about.  I have the most pics of Madison.  It's not because she is my's just because I happened to take more pics on a couple of the days!!
Madison was blessed again by getting to go to the Pines Catholic Camp this summer!  She always has such a great time and always feels like her faith is really strengthened there....what more could we ask for.  We would never send any of our children away from us for a week if their soul was not in the safest hands possible!
(Olivia, Madison, Gracie, and Claire) 
These are Madison's amazing friends that always go to the camp with her.  We feel so blessed to have these awesome girlfriends that come from such strong Catholic families in our lives!
Madison's bunk bed that she of course shared with her favorite soft friend, Nunny!!
 The day that we picked Madison up from camp.  These are her same sweet friends and 2 of their brothers that were also there
I love this pic!!
 Madison and her sweet friend Natalie on a shopping spree at the mall.....notice that they both have the exact same's so fun being a 13 year old girl!!
 Madison and her great friend Olivia at the Four Season's Spa acting like little ladies
 Madison and Olivia at the Four Season's Spa NOT acting like little ladies...but they are still precious!
My dear friend, Celeste and I enjoying a quiet girly chat at the spa with the girls!!  What a great day that was!! I just love my inspiring friends.  They truly lift me up!!

 Nicholas at golf lessons with his sweet friend, Vance....they look like such little men in their dry fit golf shirts and khaki's even cuter when they are carrying their little golf clubs around
 Here is Nicholas practicing his swing before the instructor started the lesson
Where do 2 young future pro-golfers want to eat after their 3 hour lesson????
Chick-fil-a of course.....then Vance came over to play and spend the night!!


 What did Savannah and I do while Nicholas was at golf lessons and Madi was at camp?? MANI/PEDI's!!!
Savannah and her BFF Abby "listening" for the microwave popcorn to stop popping so that they could pull it out and start enjoying.  It was a fun movie sleepover party!!

My sweet friend Gisele and her daughter Claire (Madi's bestie) invited us to "A Night at the Museum" Scavenger hunt and movie at the Ft Worth Children's Museum
Museum staff were dressed as historical Characters for the Scavenger Hunt and then we all enjoyed TONS of popcorn and the "Night at the Museum" movie in the Omnimax Theatre
Here are me and Gisele....the MOMS!!  We had so much fun too.  We laughed the entire time!!  Gisele hauled around Chicken strips in her purse all night.....How do us moms find ourselves in these situations?!?!  It is a "you had to be there" story so I won't even try to do it justice..... but it was caused by a typical "Kerry Move" and just SO FUNNY!!  Her purse was so hot!!

Jeremy's cousin Mandy got married this weekend and so all of the family flew in for the celebration.  Here are a few pics
 My love and myself before the ceremony (it was our 16th wedding anniversary that weekend!!)
 My handsome little precious.....and he's is all mine!!
 My gorgeous teenager.....prayerfully finding her own way....helpful....thoughtful....and she wants to be my vest friend.....what a blessing!!
 My beautiful young lady...sensitive.....never wants to disappoint her mom and dad....extremely caring and funny...and she will always be my little love bug!!
They had a dress up photo booth at the is Nicholas and Savannah with their cousin Elizabeth in the middle...they were laughing so hard at themselves!!


Summer was great!! Now it is time for us to get back to our quiet homeschooling life.  Thank you Lord for summertime and for a new school year to look forward to....I love school supplies!!