Sunday, August 4


Sisterhood is a special relationship like no other.  Sisters are connected in their hearts.  They have experienced a duplicate upbringing, while each of their experiences with that upbringing, being totally unique.
This particular morning, Savannah came down the stairs just gleaming with a super bright smile.......She had made Madison's bed as a special surprise!  Now all she had to do was wait for Madison to walk into her room and notice.  Savannah could barely stand it (she was so excited).  Finally we hear scampering down the stairs,  into the kitchen, where Savannah and I stood waiting...."THANK YOU SAVANNAH!!!", Madison exclaims with a huge grin on her face!  What a sweet moment that was.  I captured it with a quick pic of the girls hugging.  They have such a genuine joy in their hearts when they show virtue towards another......why wouldn't they.....that is how our Wonderful God created us!  I never feel so alive as when I am helping another.......