Friday, September 27


Our sweet little Savannah turned 11 on September 29th.  She wanted to have her party at the Trampoline Park, as did Madison and Nicholas, but Savannah wanted a very special theme......
That reality TV show about the Christian family of rednecks from Louisiana that made their fortune, developing duck callers for duck hunting.  It is a good and pure show about this church going and prayerful family, and the kids love to watch it with daddy

Well, aside from the Christian aspect of their humble family, they all have long beards and always wear camouflage.
Here is my sweet little Savannah on her 11th birthday.....yes....she has a beard!! Just as I always envisioned her 11th birthday as I rocked her when she was a baby!!
Here is Savannah ans some of her sweet friends.  Daddy had the awesome idea of having matching camo T-shirts specially made, with the "duck commander" logo and a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAVANNAH" on the back
Savannah was so excited!! She felt so special.... and she IS so special!!
 Here is Savannah next to the poster showing one of the Duck Dynasty characters named Si
 Of course we did "Nothing Bundt Cakes" for the cake (our family's favorite) and decorated them with little duck decoys to keep with the theme.  I had to accent the cake with hot pink candles and #11 sparklers!
Here are the camo as we could be with a little bit of hot pink bling!
 The girls had a GREAT time jumping and playing dodgeball at the party.  It was so nice that they all matched!  We could find them easily in the crowd at the trampoline park


Everyone had a great time...they were so hot and tired by the time pizza was served....lots of bottled waters flowing
 All of the grandparents, Aunt Kiki and cousins came to celebrate with Savannah and the family!


Savannah happily blew out her candles as we sang "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU".  She just lit up the room with her smile.....oh and it was nice to see her without her beard again......there is my sweet little girl!
Other people at the trampoline park were taking pictures of her party because it was so funny!!  Savannah was the bell of the ball!  The trampoline park took a picture for their official facebook page....we are famous!!

What a fun evening!  Birthdays are the best for a mommy watching the eyes of her sweet child light up as everyone celebrates that very special day!  It warms my heart.

We love you Savannah so much!! You are a joy to our hearts!! Daddy and I pray that you will always be happy, healthy, and joyful, and most importantly, Christ-centered....which will make you happy, healthy, and joyful!!  
Savannah the next morning after her party.....she got these cute pajamas as a gift from one of her sweet friends and was so excited to try them out!!