Friday, October 4


Me and baby are having a little bit of a struggle right now.  My asthma has been really exacerbated with being pregnant and we are really worried about our little sweet baby trying to develop inside of me .  I just cannot breath.  It has been really scary at times and I have been in and out of the hospital twice now and we are only 13 weeks along!! 
(praise our Lord that there are amazing doctors, who can help to make me better)

So far, our darling little one is really doing well....Praise God!!
Thriving and growing inside of my belly under the strong and protective Mantle of our Sweet Lord Jesus

It is in these times of trial, we remember that we are so small and that we need to cling with all of our strength to Our Father in Heaven.  Jeremy and I are always thankful for these crosses that bless our faith and our family, even though they can be scary and frustrating at times.  There is so much growth in suffering and we feel so fortunate that we see the value in our crosses, living in a world that doesn't really understand suffering at all.  So thank you Jesus for this opportunity to really show our faith in a special way during this time.

How can anyone doubt that there is a Wonderful and Powerful Creator, Who watches over us and loves us with all of His Perfect and Sacred Heart?!?!?!

God is taking my broken and fragile body and He has placed an amazing Grace inside of it.  Our flesh cannot understand how this could be. I have to ask in prayer, "Why me?" "Why my limited body?"  

He so strongly and lovingly answers that He is UNLIMITED and that He has a plan, even though the world might not see it.  Looking through human eyes, this just should not be, but through the eyes of our Divine Savior, it makes total sense!!  I LOVE THAT ABOUT MY FATHER!!

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I will house this most precious little soul safely in my womb as you prepare her for HER earthly journey that she will face here on earth, while making her way back home to you.  I will prayerfully guide her the best that I can to always keep her sweet and innocent eyes on You, Lord.

Jesus, You are my true Delight!

Jesus, you are my Creator, my Savior, my Every Breath!

I pray to stay strong in faith and not fear what seems, reasonable in the eyes of the world.  I never want to let you down, sweet Jesus.  Not now......not when You have asked such trust from me.......I will always trust in You above ALL ELSE!!  You are my Father and I am your trusting little girl, who You will ALWAYS take care of!

I love you, Jesus
All of us together at the hospital