Friday, November 1


 We just found out on this beautiful "Feast of All Saints" that we have been blessed with a little baby boy!!  
We are all so excited for this new baby brother!!

His name is Isaac James

We saw our sweet little boy on a sonogram today.  Before the sonogram tech could tell us that it was a boy.....Nicholas said "It looks like a boy to me"  and the sonogram tech said...."Nicholas, you are very IS a boy!!"
We were equally excited for a brother or a sister......we were most excited to be able to pray for this little one by name and start getting to know him during our LONG wait to hold him in our makes us feel closer to him and that is such an amazing feeling!

Every night we were praying for our "little french fry" but NOW we can pray for our sweet little brother, Isaac.  We are just thrilled to say the least!!

During our sonogram, He was wiggling around like crazy on the screen and it delighted his brother and sisters!! He was like a little jumping bean inside of my belly. I have been able to feel him inside of me and it pleases me so and makes me giggle!! Every time I feel his sweet little kicks, I put my hands on my belly to see if I can feel them from the outside.....but not yet.  I look forward to when Daddy, Madi, Savannah and Nicholas can feel him move from the outside......for now, it is a most special gift just for mommy and I will cherish it forever.

We love you, our sweet little Isaac! May God bless your every breath!!