Friday, July 4


A hot  and sunny 4th of July summer day at the lake, is no place for a 3 month old baby boy, so while we were ALL truly enjoying our time at this beautiful Louisiana estate with our extended family, Isaac and I found ourselves in the house having lots of quiet time together.  This was such a gift, as our 3 older kids and Daddy could fully enjoy running around and kayaking Caddo Lake with their cousins. Isaac (still sleeping a lot of the day at this time in his new life) gave us the opportunity to just hang out together inside of the house.

Isaac was a little bit fussy, one afternoon, and running out of ideas, I laid him on the bed and took some selfies of us.  After the first couple of shots, I realized that getting Isaac to smile at the moment that I took the picture seemed next to impossible.  If you have ever done a photo shoot with a baby monkey (a cute one too), you know exactly what I am talking about.  Soon I gave into the fact, that  "getting Isaac settled", "positioning the camera", while "making sure that I was looking at the lens and not trying to find the button", was not gonna work.

So, I just decided to keep shooting pictures, as Isaac's mood fluctuated, from his "interest in reaching for the camera", "pulling my hair", "looking at me", or "looking at whatever happened to distract  him at that moment".  The only idea that I could muster up, was just to simply keep smiling no matter what Isaac was an attempt at "trusting the process"...surly I would capture at least ONE pic of him looking and maybe even smiling.

After many minutes of this, and after laughing a lot, I was realizing my own limitations when it came to dealing with the camera and with the baby at the same time. So, I decided that it might be funny to just go with whatever mood that Isaac chose.  I was going to go with the flow...Isaac's choice of mood...good or fussy.
Finally I victoriously got a really cute pic of both of us smiling!! Jeremy could NOT believe it when he came in to check on us.  He asked me how I got Isaac to smile for the picture.....I simply showed him my camera roll, and admitted that..."after 20 minutes and about 50 pictures, there was one where he and I were finally in sync.  Here are some of the 50 pics that we took.  This was SO MUCH FUN.  I truly relished in the sentiment
 Tester shot
 Oops...I am not looking at the camera and the camera is not looking at EITHER us...gotta re-adjust
 "Flailing of arms"
 Grabbing my nose
 Almost caught it...but he's distracted by "a noise in the hall"
 Almost caught it AGAIN.....but now there is a "noise out of the window"
 Closer...but he's now enamored with "watching the ceiling fan"
 Pretty much got it......but it's blurry : (
 Trying for another, just in case I could be blessed enough to get 2 good pics, but Isaac has now decided that he is quite bored with this game
 Mood is changing so I am just going with it, like a true photographer and artist : )  I was living in the moment
Mood has officially changed.....we are finished with our selfies now.

Thank you for this special afternoon, dear Lord, where Isaac and I could just be together.  Sometimes seemingly random limitations, like inappropriate weather (for example) allows You, Lord, to bestow a wonderful gift of "a moment" upon me, by allowing us this rare chance to be together, intimately in the quietness of the afternoon, so that we could be totally silly
Wow, I am so blessed to be a's my favorite thing in life, and being the mommy of Madison, Savannah, Nicholas and baby Isaac, and practicing true self-giving makes me to be a better version of myself.  
"Thank you, Dear Lord for loving me as I am, BUT TOO MUCH TO LEAVE ME THIS WAY"....Please continue to help me grow in purity and holiness and to truly delight You, as You are truly MY heart's Delight.
Not 5 minutes later....Isaac was snuggled up, fast asleep.  I already miss him

Thank you, Jesus, also for my sweet little Isaac's precious face.
I still cannot believe that You entrusted him to Jeremy and I and that he is really ours...we are in Awe of Your Greatness!!