Saturday, July 19


We couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate Nicholas's 10th birthday then at his FAVORITE place in the world...."Mountasia Golf and Games".  
The funniest part of that sentence, is that Nicholas has never been to "Mountasia" before.  He just always sees it from the car window as we pass by on our way home, and has ALWAYS DREAMED (those are his words) of having a birthday party there. So this year, that is just what we did!
Could it get any better?
Oh...yes it can!!  (Just because our Lord is so amazing) when I called Mountasia to schedule his party, the owner told me about their brand new GLOW IN THE DARK party room!!
This just has to be every 10 year old boy's dream!!  A glow in the dark birthday party with black lights.  Jeremy immediately went to work on having party t-shirts made in honor of Nicholas' special day that also glowed in the dark (the birthday party t-shirts is somewhat of a new tradition started this past year...not sure how long we will keep it up, but the kids absolutely love it)

Anyway, Nicholas and his friends played video games, drove Go-Carts, climbed a rock wall, drove bumper boats and ate LOTS and LOTS of pizza and cupcakes...all in all, it was a success because my sweet little Nicholas was grinning from ear to ear!!
 Cool room...right?!?! It's totally all about being 10 years old!!
 See the glow in the dark shirts on each chair....Jeremy had them say "Hangin' 10 with Nick" with a surfboard theme
 Taking pizza orders
 Group pick with the lights on!!
 Group pick with the lights off!!
 Singing "Happy Birthday to Nicholas"
 Blowing out his birthday candles
 Go-Carts with Daddy

 Savannah driving a Go-Cart
 Our little boy, who's age is "double digits" now!!
 Bumper Boat time
 I didn't realize it, but the main goal of the Bumper Boats is to get as wet as you can!! They were laughing so hard, while soaking each other!!

 Rock climbing
 Nicholas was so proud that he made it all of the way to the top!!

 Nicholas and his friend Will
 More Go-Carts
Grandma and Grandpa were there to celebrate too....what a great day.  Nicholas felt so special, he still talks about how much fun he had.....Victorious!!

Thank you Jesus, for my little Nick's smiles, his carefree laughter, and for feeling so special today.  We are ever so grateful to You for blessing us with Nicholas, on this very day, 10 years ago