Monday, August 25


I would never trade even one day of homeschooling for anything.  I loved being with my kids all day everyday and I truly miss them now that they are in school full time.  Our Lord so gently whispered the idea of school to me time and again, seeing how things in our family were changing greatly with our new little one on the way, and not to mention my body slowly weakening these past few years......homeschooling high school seemed very overwhelmingly daunting.

Faustina Academy is a small and extremely faithful PreK-12 Catholic school that fit exactly what Jeremy and I had prayed for, for our Madison.
The more that we learned about this school, the more in love we fell.  Our Lord not only allowed Madison to be accepted to this amazingly faithful high school, but just because it delights Him to please His children over and above what we ever could deserve, He made space for Nicholas and Savannah to attend there as well (they were both on waiting lists).  All of the children together in such a wonderful faith-filled environment was a true answer to prayer.
Look at how much they have all grown up!!  Madison and Savannah have really grown into beautiful and virtuous young ladies and Nicholas is such a virtuous little gentleman.
They are doing SO WELL there too.  I fervently prayed that our Lord would fill in any holes in their concepts, especially this last school year, when I was so sick and just barely made it through all of the homeschool material.
(Nicholas and Isaac in the car after school)
We are so grateful to have been so blessed with Faustina Academy.  I thank my Merciful Lord for this faithful school each and every day as I kiss them each goodbye,