Saturday, September 6


Each year about this time, I become some what of a "hunting widow" 
Jeremy's absolute favorite thing to do is hunt and fish....but especially hunt...and all of the kids have always loved going along with him to our lease to experience being one with nature.
 Jeremy taught the kids how to bow hunt, and they are all pretty good at hitting the target
This will be there first season to actually use their bows to shoot at more than just a target
 My 2 boys ( I have 3, with baby Isaac)....BUT here are 2 of my 3 boys in a tree quietly waiting,  on the lookout for deer
Here is my little man, Nicholas, sitting HIGH UP in a tree with Daddy.  As a mommy, I don't like to think of my little Nicholas sitting so high up in the air, but that is why Jeremy, rather then myself,  takes our kids hunting.
Their daddy knows just how to keep our little ones safe.  Jeremy is forming my little Nicholas into a strong and confident man,  Nicholas so enjoys being with his dad so much.....doing "guy" things.  I wouldn't change either of them for the world....even though I always worry a bit when they are out in the wild.
Here is my sweet Savannah (another true hunter at heart), so proud to be with her daddy in the deer blind.  My little sleepy head doesn't even mind too much, getting up at the crack of dawn (if it is to hunt) and peacefully sit with her daddy and wait.....which is a HUGE part of hunting.
Madison has of recent given up her strong LOVE for the hunting lease and stays at home with me. We use this special time to watch old movies, giggle A LOT......enjoy Asian take-out, while staying up really late, blogging together and just chatting about EVERYTHING!! 
I cherish this time with her and I know that Jeremy truly cherishes his time bonding with the kids as he passes down his pearls of wisdom about outdoor survival.

Thank you, Jesus, for Daddies and especially for OUR Daddy