Thursday, October 30


The more that I learn about Faustina, the more I fall in love!!
The first pic is of my Madison cheering (she is completely precious as a cheerleader and loves every second of it.  She was born for this sport)
 In the picture below this one, you'll notice all of the cheerleaders and football players are quietly taking a knee out of respect for a wounded player from the opposing team
(The cheer leaders kneel and pray out loud together for the safety of one of the players from the opposing team)
(The Faustina Football players taking a knee and praying for an injured player on the opposing team)

Both the cheerleaders, along with the football players bow their heads in prayer (the cheerleaders pray quietly together) until the wounded player gets up.  I love that the true essence of the sport is encouraged, and that in suffering, we all pull together and go to our Father, on our brothers behalf no matter who he might be.  The game stops (as it is JUST a game) and we call upon the Healing Hands of God to protect and look over one another.
This was very powerful to me, and I never want to forget that feeling of true Christian love playing out.  What a lesson to my children about the importance of prayer and how it reigns above all in EVERY situation.  We are Christians FIRST above everything else we might be doing