Friday, October 31


In all of the Halloweens in the past....our little ones would dress up (they loved to choose their costumes) and we as a family would either go to a friends house, have friends over, or for the last almost 10 years, our family, along with some other families would host a joint party for the parents and kids to all enjoy Halloween together.  We would eat a lot of food and visit while the kids ran and played in the yard, then, when darkness fell upon the earth,  the daddies would walk around with the kids and trick-or-treat.

This year proved to be quite a different story...


This is the first Halloween, when ALL of my children had plans with friends that did not include us! Boy have the times changed.  Madison had her first high school Halloween party and Savannah was invited to a sleepover party at her friend's house.  Nicholas had a friend come over to trick or treat with him, so we did get to play a small role in his are some pics
 Nicholas and Trey getting ready to trick or treat....both Nicholas and Savannah were "light up stick people" this year.  It was a very cool costume.
 This is Nicholas in his stick person costume in the dark
 Here is Savannah in her cute stick costume
 Here is Savannah with her friends, Dorothy and Beth getting ready to trick or treat
Here is Madi and Claire as they prepare to leave for their high school party...Madi was a "Drifter", hitchhiking all around the world".  She wore torn up clothes,  holding a sign that stated..."NEED  A RIDE....ANYWHERE"
Here, of course is my Lil' Pumpkin, Isaac.  Unlike the other kids, he did not have any other plans.  We just got to love on him in his little costume, while giving out candy to the neighbors.
 I am sorry....I just HAD to put another pic of my lil' pumpkin man....
Here is a picture of me and my little pumpkin pie baby!!  I usually TAKE most of the pics in our house or at different events.... so, since I found a pic with me in it, which is quite rare, I wanted to post it!
Sometimes I worry that my kids may forget that I was ACTUALLY at their important events : )

What a fun and relaxing evening....We are looking forward to celebrating The Feast of All Saints tomorrow