Saturday, October 11


Okay, here are the details.....right before morning prayer, Matt walked up to Madi with the bouquet of flowers with a note inside that read "Do you wanna tackle homecoming with #18 (very creative, I must admit) Also within the flowers was a bag of M&Ms...for "Matt and Madi"
She is so excited!!  He is a wonderful boy and one of her best friends.
 Homecoming week has a yearly theme and each day, the students would play fun games in preparation for the big game on Friday.  Nicholas was picked to play in one of the relay races during the Pep Rally
 Then dress up day....this years theme was vintage arcade games.  Madi's Freshman class decided to all dress up like the teenage mutent ninja turtles
 The guarder that Madison will give to Matt to wear on Friday before the game
 Madison top-right, holding the sign for the football players to break through to start off this most exciting game
 After a victorious win, I stopped these 2 for a pick.....Matt with his guarder on and Madi with her beautiful Mum that Matt gave to her to wear

Girls day.....starting early!! Going to the Hair Bar in Southlake for hair and makeup....I still have never had my hair or makeup professionally done...hmmm
Sweet Savannah waiting ever so patiently while Madison dolls up for the big dance....her first date!
Such a beautiful girl
My baby is so grown up!! Hair and make up done!! Such a great day... She said that she feels like a princess. I'm so happy because she's so hard on herself. This homecoming dress shopping was especially painful on her little heart....which breaks my heart. Thank you Sweet Jesus for making her feel so pretty today
 Now we wait for our date to come and pick her up.  Matt is such a wonderful young gentleman.  She was honored to be asked by such an amazing boy.....who TOTALLY cracks her up, laughing on a daily basis.  It was be sure to be such a fun evening
 Matt arrives (he picked out his tie, knowing that it was Madison's favorite color (gotta love that sweet gesture....he looked incredibly handsome
 What a beautiful couple....and both so excited for the evening. Matt, being such a gentleman, was so shy when his mom brought him WAY out to Roanoke to pick up Madison....I actually don't recall him saying anything.....he just smiled a lot!!
 I cannot believe that she is so grown up.  It is truly tugging at her Daddy and my heart strings, as it is sad for me to see her get so big, but a feeling of total joy flutters in my heart when I think about the virtuous young lady that she has become.
 A group of high school friends all met for dinner to start off their homecoming celebration
Here is Madi and Matt standing outside of the restaurant (Matt's mom texted me this it took every bit of will power for me NOT to follow them to the restaurant for a peek)  This was going to be the FIRST night that I have ever WAITED up for HER to come home.  I was counting down the minutes until she walked through the door and we proceeded to chat late into the night about  EVERYTHING that happened!! I was truly reliving my high school life through her stories.  She had an amazing time and Matt truly made Madison feel like a fairy princess.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for letting her grow up, even though it is sometimes tough for a me as her mommy to watch.  I am so grateful that she had such an incredible that she will NEVER forget.