Sunday, October 12


Madison is in high school now and life as a mom, has completely changed.  This school could not be more perfect for us.  Faustina is truly an answer to the prayer that I prayed the day that I found out that I was going to be a mommy (way back in 1999).   
"Please Dear Lord Jesus, help us to raise this little one to be holy so that we can return this precious soul back to You at the end of her earthly journey"

High school is such a scary time of life, when my children will explore this world outside of my protection sometimes, as they find their place and decide how they will live out their unique calling from God.
At times I grieve that loss of that "safe control" I was always able to make sure that their souls were protected and surrounded in purity at all times (well, most of the time).  I know that as my little ones grow, it is my job to LET them safely spread their delicate wings and learn to fly all on their own.  For they are only our children for a little while, gifted to Jeremy and I, to raise and lead back home to their Heavenly Father.

As a mommy (and Daddy too) I am in constant discernment over what to allow into their lives and what to keep out, as my little ones strengthen in character and holyness.  Sometimes, I just can't hear my Precious Lord's Gentle Whisper, with all of the noise of this world (something that I am constantly working on).  Sometimes, I just have to pray that the decision I've made (in whatever the situation might be) is the decision that He would have desired for their souls, as I beg to Him out of Mercy, that if I am mistaken (which, I am sure happens often) that He will guard their hearts from whatever it is that I have allowed to endanger them.

I daily thank my Dear Jesus for allowing our children the blessed opportunity of attending such a faithful Catholic school, where they can ALL be together!!!

Our Lord so kindly took the decision to put the children back into school out of my hands, which as He knows me so well, I would have forever fretted over....probably driving both myself and my sweet husband insane!!

Madison loves high school....(going back to my fervent discernment of how to guide our children as they grow) and she could not think of a better place to be everyday.  She absolutely LOVES her school.....her friends....her teachers, and all that Faustina has to offer.  Nobody believes me when I tell stories of my shy little first born, who cried at the thought of ever having to leave my side.  She has truly transformed into a beautiful butterfly, who is both outgoing and funny....she gained so much confidence through our years together, homeschooling
 (Madison could barely stop laughing at herself "as she always cracks herself up" to take this pic of her with her favorite drink....well ONE of her favorite drinks...the other is a Pumpkin Spice Frapuccino...personally, I stick to hot drinks from Starbucks, so as you can tell, I have no idea how to even spell "Frappuccino")
 (gotta love girls and the newly traditional "Pouty Face" pic)

 (these are some "selfies" Madi took with her friends...these are such a fun group of truly great kids...they have bonded so much and have such a great time together, just being teenagers)

She has been gifted the entire "high school experience" with faithful Catholic like-minded teachers and families.  As Jeremy and I have journeyed through parenthood, we see this as a wonderful advantage!  All 3 of our 4 children (of course baby Isaac is not old enough for school yet) are currently building a strong foundation in both character and education, all wrapped up in a beautiful Christ-Centered bow, that we just know, delights our Lord Jesus. 
(I just love this family pic after Mass....look how much they have grown in such a short amount of time...I did notice that our sweet little Isaac was missing from this pic, but that is only because he hadn't been born quite yet....and I have to admit that I LOVE how Jeremy looks in this picture as he had just served at Holy Mass.  It absolutely makes this Catholic girl's heart melt!!  There is nothing more romantic than a virtuous man.....I just love him so much


Not to leave out the other 2 children in school, at Faustina as well.  Nicholas and Savannah love their new teachers and of course, it goes without saying that they love their new friends too.

 (Savannah with her friends in the backseat of my car....girls are so funny)
(Nicholas wrestling with his friend Trey....As they roll around in the grass with teeth gritted, they laugh so hard......I love these precious boys and how our Lord made them so loving and gentle, but still a little rough around the edges, as boys should be)
(Sweet Little 4th grade Boys)
 (Savannah with the girls in her class....can you spot her....she's the one in the black "Roxy" t-shirt with "nerd" glasses and a HUGE Savannah-sized grin on her face)

We love going to Friday night football games and watching Madi cheer the Falcons on (from the sidelines) as Nicholas and Savannah run around with THEIR school friends, playing their own game of football behind the bleachers with all of the other siblings.
(Madison and Claire after cheering)
After the games, it is off to Braums (a Faustina family tradition) for ice cream.....and boy, with all of our big Catholic families, we can sure fill up a "small town Braums"....and by the way, I love every bit of that last sentence.
 (Savannah and Beth enjoying ice cream)
 (Madison and Lauren)
These families inspire us and build us up in our faith, as well as make us laugh and entertain us as we sit around and visit.  I love our Faustina family friends and pray that our Lord is giving our family something to bring to the table that might inspire them as well.