Wednesday, February 18

LENT 2015

I took this picture of myself for my friend, Eileen, coming home from Mass on Ash Wednesday.

We sent each other Ash Wednesday selfies....gotta love my Catholic girlfriends!!

I was not looking at the camera because I was driving and looking at my phone would be unsafe : )
So, I call this picture "Gazing into the 40 days to come".....instead of "making a right out of the church parking lot while watching for cars"

I want to purify myself over these next 40 days.  Each year, our Wonderful Lord Jesus gives me YET ANOTHER opportunity to focus on myself and my relationship with Him in a special way.
I am trying to spend my time making changes within my heart, instead of trying to control what is around me. 

Dear Father,
I want to be totally focused on You, Jesus and empty my heart of anything that is not of You.
I desire to be only and TOTALLY Yours and to only please You.  

I desire Your True Peace and I will settle for nothing less. The world sells a generic peace, sold to me by a vender who doesn't truly possess peace himself.

In Fact, the Peace gifted to me by You, Jesus,  is "freedom".  It is the freedom to live with the knowledge that my soul is safe.

(A fenced-in yard does not force a young child into allows him to play freely without fear of the dangers lurking beyond.)

 Your Holy Church is my safe and sure path to You.  My mind is so little and ridiculous.  Your "Rock" is my refuge.

I am just  a silly child, stumbling around and seeking happiness, love, and peace.  In other words, I am seeking You and You alone.  For You are my heart's desire.

Please, God, work in You always do,  as You never stop calling me, but more so, help me to see You and hear Your Gentle and Loving Invitation to follow You.

Luke 18:41
Jesus Said...."What do you want me to do for you?"
"Lord, that I may receive my sight."
 Help me to open myself to more light!  Help me to fuller understanding.

Before I knew Your Name
You knew my every breath
Before I found my way
You knew my every step
Before I knew everything that I need
You gave it all to me

No greater love than this
That You should lay down Your Life
For someone such as me
I'd spend a lifetime wondering why
The beauty of Heaven is here in my heart
And I know there can be....No Greater Love
Than this

(No Greater Love By Rachel Lampa)