Sunday, February 22


(My 3 school-aged sweeties watching the tiny flurries of snow fall and praying, quite fervently, that it will cover the ground)

Oh how I remember "snow days" or "ice days" as a kid!   I was glued to the TV set just WAITING to see the name of my school scroll across the bottom of the screen.
It was SUCH A RUSH when the dream had finally been realized and I saw the name of my school with the word CLOSED after it!!!  I think very surly that snow days are much more exhilarating than a planned vacation day off from school

Isaac wasn't as excited because first of all, he doesn't even know what snow is, and secondly, everyday for him is a day off from school.  So, we just played blocks on the kitchen floor while the rest of the house warped with excitement over the weather!  Well....okay, I was of course LOVING the idea of having Jeremy and all of the kids home for an entire day with nowhere to go.
Thank you, Jesus for snow.....not only does it cleanse the world of it's colorful noise, as it jackets the ground with a pure white veil, but it also brings families together and makes everyone feel snuggly!
(I took a selfie while Isaac was trying to grab my phone out of my hands...he thinks that he got can tell because if you look closely, you can see his little baby smile sneaking out from underneath his paci)

Hey....guess what, Wanting nothing more than to please my little ones and just because He can......while all of them were tucked snuggly in their beds, Jesus worked on His dazzling masterpiece....all through the night

They will surly be delighted tomorrow morning, when they see that our street and all of the roads have been beautifully painted in sparkling white.  I love how He does these things to please us.....just because He can!!

Snow is so beautiful!