Wednesday, April 15



Savannah's 6th grade class went to the Dallas Zoo for a field trip today.  It was such a beautiful day for a zoo visit.  Here are some pics of the kids from her class.  Savannah loves her school friends and adores her teacher, Miss Bradford (front and center)
Savannah's Class
 Wow......Either Giraffes are super huge close up....or Savannah is super small close up
It's gotta be the giraffe, right?!?
 My Little St. Francis, holding a bird on her finger....She is so "one with God's little creatures"
Girls always have THE BEST time together!!  I love being a girl!
Savannah and Sophie
 All of the 6th grade girls
These girls are truly delightful!  They are always all-inclusive, thoughtful, and they are 
A LOT of fun

What a great day at the Zoo.  Thank you to my gracious fiends, Megan and Shannon for sending me field trip pics throughout the day.  I needed to stay home with Isaac, but was still able to fee like I was right there with Savannah and all of her friends