Thursday, April 16


Boys are so different than girls, even in the way that they interact with each other.  Nicholas is none other than the pure "boy" that our Lord created him to be...I see this beautiful distinction in many different of those, being, when he plays with Isaac.

Nicholas fake wrestles Isaac, plays matchbox cars with him, spins Isaac around and makes him laugh, pushes Isaac in his little play car around the house, and lots of other things that only a brother could come up with, like......
 (snuggling RIGHT when Nick walks in the door)
 (playing with oven mitts)
 (walking around naked after bath)
(A secret fort for boys only)
Only a sweet big brother would make Isaac's Pack-n-Play into a fun fort to play in.  It is scientifically proven that playing is WAY MORE FUN in a fort
 (swinging Isaac in a circle while Isaac cracks up laughing)
(putting Isaac inside of a box)
(Making the box into a make-believe car....and driving Isaac, still inside the box, around the kitchen REALLY FAST)
 (naked studying after bath)
(Nicholas trying to keep Isaac away from the lego ship he is building)
(Finally, as a loving brother should....just letting Isaac play with the lego ship)
I absolutely love my boys! 
Nick and Isaac, I cannot believe that you are all mine (well, on loan from our Lord)!! I am totally and completely in love with you both!

Love, Mom