Thursday, April 2


Madison and Nicholas were having a hard time getting along with each other this morning at breakfast. It just seemed inevitable that anything Madison would do, bothered Nicholas and everything that Nicholas did, just wore on Madi's last nerve. 
It was pretty ridiculous and most uncharitable, I must say.  

I stood there observing for a while, hoping that one of them would be moved to virtue, and change the dynamic.....well, when that didn't work, I tried to subtly intervened with small reminder cues to hopefully curb the behavior....This idea was to no avail...Madi and Nick needed a full on "mommy intervention" in order to guide them towards the good. 

So I started by (trying to) gently teach and correct them without shaming their character.  Of course I had EVERY intention of staying calm and peaceful.......

BUT, when I began hearing arguments from both kids, of how one was right and the other was wrong, I finally said (possibly yelled) "Stop it!"..."Ya know what, just stop!"  "If you need more practice getting along and showing love to each other, you can both spend the morning reorganizing the kitchen pantry!"
This way, they have to talk, decide, and cooperate together without fighting or showing any irritation
(they knew that if they were ugly to each other at all in the pantry, the garage sweep-out and toy reorganization would be next punishment on my list
check this morning off to a good and productive start....teaching virtue AND cleaning out my pantry

Here are some pictures of their "friendship building" Pantry Punishment
As you can see in the pictures below, just for fun....
I sent Isaac in the pantry to help them a little....that will surly beef up the practice of the virtue of patience and charity
(Look at Isaac as he immediately begins to pull all of the seasonings and birthday candles off of the shelves)
(Isaac really was SO HAPPY playing in the pantry)
(look at Nicholas trying to NOT SAY ANYTHING to Isaac as Isaac "helps")

Madison and Nicholas,
I love you both SO MUCH....and I desire for you to be happy by living in a state of virtue, reaching beyond yourselves to LOVINGLY consider the feelings and intentions of others around you.  I would have to say that this virtue needs to be especially focused when dealing with our family members, as these, are usually the hardest to assume a good intention from.

Super sensitivity will not only, steal your happiness away from you, but it also steels your mind from seeking God, as you are totally consumed with self.  To always consider yourself in every situation, and allow everything around you to "offend" you or "affect" you is truly a life filled with misery

I am most miserable when I am distracted from all else, as I consider my physical comfort or how other people are hurting my feelings or disrespecting me or not appreciating me enough
Cynicism is an emotional battle that will never cease. No one will ever live up to your incredibly high mental standards...NOT EVEN YOU, but your own faults are never considered in cynicism.  It's only those faults and seemingly ill motives of others that are promulgated and unforgivable!
Madi and Nick......Please know that mom struggles DAILY with selfishness.  I do pray fervently to steer myself away from my own battle with cynicism, as cynicism is a primary human vice, because of original sin.

Anyway, it breaks mommy's heart to see you treat each other with such uncharity and I only want you to love one another, even an inkling as much as Jesus Loves each one of us.

"Jesus loves each one of us, as if there is no one else to love"

Please Remember
"Lord, may You increase, as I decrease"
The more you replace "your own self" by thinking of others (and truly desire God for them-Whom is total happiness) the more at peace you will find yourself.

Thank you for organizing the pantry.  It looks really nice!

Love, mom