Thursday, May 21


Everything Good in us, is Him


Madison, Savannah, and Nicholas,
Daddy and I are truly joyful that you had such a great year at school!  I fervently prayed that our Lord would help you to be happy at your new school and pleaded with my wonderful Jesus, asking Him if He would so generously fill in any educational holes left by my imperfect homeschooling and affected further by my being sick....but even with all of those stresses going on in our family, Man I wouldn't trade even one day of our homeschooling.

His unworthy daughter fell at the Beautiful Feet of her Most Holy Father begging and pleading for His help
(not sure how it would go)
And you know what He so mercifully did.....He answered each of my unworthy petitions with immense love and greatness! And for that, I am so grateful!!
My Sweethearts, you truly shined this year.  Daddy and I were so humbled at the Awards Night, when each of you won a very special award:
I don't want you to ever forget what an incredible night it was for you with all of your friends and teachers, so I wanted to save these pictures for you to look back on when you are bigger (maybe even showing your children some day)

Everything good in us, is Him and I see Him shining through each of you, everyday!

Lower School
 Nicholas received an award for his outstanding work ethic
(way to work so diligently...Buddy)

 Savannah received an award for Excellence in the virtue of cheerfulness and dedication
(My Little Cheerful Sunshine)

High School
Madison won the Excellence in Virtues award for the 9th grade
(I have always called you, My Old Soul)

Madison also received an award for her outstanding Shakespearian performance, as Nick Bottom from a Mid Summer Night's Dream

Extra Blessings

Then just because Jesus loves to shower His Children with more blessings than we could ever understand (He continues to amaze me time and time again)

Savannah was voted by her classmates, "Student of the Year" for 6th grade
Madison was voted by her classmates, "Student of the Year" for 9th grade
Madison's special plaque
Savannah"s special plaque

These are enormous honors and how grateful we felt to have our children be blessed in this way.  What amazing Graces Bestowed on you, in this year of great change for our family!
 I am delighted at His Goodness.

Madison, Savannah, and Nicholas,
I want to pass on so much to you, among these is the Modesty to always remember that...
Everything in us that is good, is Him.  He chose to be Glorified through you tonight, my children, and for that, I am so amazingly thankful!
So many in the world have forgotten Who is Perfect Love and where all Goodness and Perfection comes from....We are beautifully and wonderfully made into His Likeness, formed in His Hands.  He delights in doing good things though us, if we allow Him to work freely in our lives

Thank You for an incredible year, Dear Father.....and thank You also for this much needed summer, where we can spend some time together as a family