Wednesday, May 20


I believe that I was called to homeschool my children.  But, I was more importantly, designed to please my Dear Lord Jesus in whatever He desires, above all.  

To make sure that I never become too attached to my crosses, sometimes Christ Jesus, takes one of them away from me, as I can so easily forget, that it was never mine to begin with.  


My crosses (suffering and sacrifices) are tools that God uses to transform me from an ordinary and tarnished stone, to a stunning and polished gem (it can be quite a process)  How could I possibly embrace a cross without it being totally centered on our Precious Lord?  He is the one Who died on that Cross to save me from my sins!
But, amazingly enough, sometimes even my sufferings can take on a life of their own and I cling to them (trying to be faithful) but forgetting that I am at the Foot of The Cross.....and in all of my distraction, failing to look up and see Who Stands Before Me (Christ Himself)

Carrying my crosses, without Christ, are worthless!

A number of years ago, I had a wonderful friend named Jenny, who after much discernment, decided to put her kids into school after having homeschooled them since they were little. She told me that our Lord was asking her to "Sacrifice....the Sacrifice"  Wow, that was so powerful to me!  Without even realizing it at that time, Jesus (through Jenny) was gently preparing me for this same calling that I would receive many years later.

(By The Way....Our Homeschool's name was St. Maria Faustina Catholic Academy)
 With a special devotion to the Divine Mercy
Yes....He is THAT Amazingly-Facinatingly-Unbelievabley Awesome All of the time and will be forever!
St. Maria Faustina....This humble and holy Nun is one of my favorite saints.  She is an incredible example of a true Christian Witness!  I dream of growing in holiness as she did.  She was so devout, determined and disciplined!  She rarely took her eyes off of Christ for even one moment


Jesus totally blessed me by taking this "to school" or "not to school" choice out of my hands, as He showed me that I was unable to school the kids even though I desired it.

Honestly, until the moment that His Sweet Breath first whispered the idea of regular school into my heart, I had never planned on putting the children into school.  Both Jeremy and I loved our kids being schooled at home.

But, I had been quite sick and now blessed with our new little baby Isaac.  Jesus so gently made it very clear that homeschooling was no longer in His Perfect Will for our family and now He was opening up a new season in our family life.

Oh my Dear Jesus, you know how I continuously second and third guess myself, always doubting my choices.  You totally showered Your daughter, "Fearful Little Lamb" with this special gift of Clarity

Faustina Academy.....Devoted to the Divine Mercy
Seriously......I am still in awe that Jesus Christ is THAT good to me.....a school named the same as our homeschool and devoted to the Divine Mercy too

I love our holy school, but I DO miss them so much from the time that they leave, until they are home in my arms again.
Isaac and I play and snuggle at home and each day I always have many things that need to be done while my kids are away at school, but my every thought, as I get my "daily stuff" finished, are with my 3 kids, as they are not with me.
Isaac and I count down the hours, until it is time for me (us) to see them again.  Isaac's eyes light up as Madison Savannah and Nicholas run through the door.  They too, are so delighted to see Isaac and hold him.  Sounds a little silly, but it is true.
Jesus took this sacrifice, that I cleaved to, and replaced
 it with a Trust in Him to take care of these little ones, to whom He has entrusted to me!!
"Jesus, I Trust In You"
I love the school that my children are in, so I know that my sadness is not a fear of them being away from me, but truly a mother's longing to have her precious darlings with her always.

A little Chick-fil-a to celebrate the last day of finals!
As you will notice, Nicholas is no longer in his school uniform.  This child actually wears his athletic clothes UNDER his school pants, shirt and tie.....Doesn't seem comfortable to me, but I guess that any way of getting out of his uniform 10 seconds faster, must be worth hours of heat and bulkiness!
 Just the high school girls
(Gemma, Claire, and Madison)
The Classic "in the middle of a drink" picture (along with a side of "deer in the headlights")
I love it

So tonight, Madison and her 9th grade class planned to go to dinner and a movie together to celebrate the end of FINALS!!  This class is so great.....we are truly blessed!

I was taking the 3 teen girls to Southlake Town Square to drop them off to meet the rest of their class. About 2 hours before we were supposed to leave, I went into Madison's room to remind the girls, who I thought were just hanging out,  that we had to leave at 5:30pm, so they needed to start getting ready in about an hour.......
Well,  to my surprise, the "Night Out Preparations" were already underway!  I walked into a room smelling of flattening irons and nail polish!  Gotta love teenage could I have even thought that they needed a reminder to begin primping for this most important evening with friends?

So I drop the girls off at Snuffers to meet the class for dinner before the movie
4 of the boys came RUNNING full speed from across the street when the girls exited my car.....oh to be a teen much energy and zeal for life!!

They had a really great time!  Madison just loves these kids and I could not have hand picked a nicer group

The "middles" with their teachers on the last day of school
Nicholas and Mrs Duniskoski (his 4th grade teacher)
Savannah and Miss Bradford (her 6th grade teacher)

Thank you, Jesus for this school and for these kids and for Your absolute Faithfulness to Your children