Saturday, May 30




Target makes me so happy!  Everyone that works at Target seems so kind and happy!
Everyone that is shopping at Target seems so kind and happy!

And the fact that I get to saunter slowly through this clean and  beautiful store, sipping on a Starbucks Triple Vente White Mocha, buying everything from dog food to floppy beach hats, while snacking on an open bag of pretzels (that I WILL buy when I check out) is complete relaxation.....
Well, as relaxing as running errands can get, BUT Target makes running errands a lot less painful and much more pleasant than most places that I shop.

It's those little "blessings" that Jesus sprinkles me with daily that just put a smile on my face

Today Isaac got to meet "Spot" the Target Dog
 He thought that he was a "real" dog at first
 When "Spot" didn't move, I am not sure what Isaac thought, but he still wanted to pet him
Then...Isaac was officially DONE meeting "Spot" and wanted down!

After shopping at Target.....
"Devivo Bros. Eatery"

Isaac got to draw on the table clothe (paper) and loved it. He was laughing so hard at everything which made all of us laugh right along with him

 Our 4 Sweet Children
Today was a great day!