Friday, June 19


Nicholas took this pic of me and my Sweet Love, Jeremy

We got to go out on a double date with our great friends Tim and Michele.  It was one of those nights that I looked forward to for weeks and then it was finally the day of the big date.....and then all of a sudden it was over, before I even had a chance to really let it all sink in!
I guess that is what makes good friends into great never get enough time with them, you never run out of things to talk about, and you always leave wanting more!
Tim, Michele, me and Jeremy outside of Bui Na Braza a super yummy Brazilian Steakhouse

A little comment about the Brazilian Steakhouse
I saved up room in my tummy all day (only eating breakfast) in preparation for this great feast and I still was full WAY too soon! It is just so much meat!!  I felt like a queen at a royal banquet!
This is why I am not invited to royal banquets.....they are just too filling!

Okay....enough about the meat
(even though there was a crazy amount)

We always have so much fun with Tim and Michele.  God brought us together, as we continually encourage each other to better ourselves, our marriages and our families.  We support each other in our journey towards Heaven and our souls are truly safe in each other's presence.....aside from all of that greatness.....BOY do we have a lot of fun!!  We could laugh for hours about absolute nothingness!

After an evening with great friends who inspire us and uplift us and make me laugh so hard, that I literally cried....I always ask myself as we say our goodbyes......
"Why don't we do this more often?"
I ponder this thought for a moment, as we promise to plan another special evening soon.......and then as Jeremy and I walk to our car (holding nights are GREAT) I remember why we don't do this every weekend......Well.....
"Because we have FOUR KIDS!!!"
I love saying that!
"Because we have eight kids"
would even be more fun to say, as I am a glutton for children!

But I am obediently content with my four little blessings!  I am honored to have been blessed with four and I keep telling myself that I don't always have to have everything exactly MY way.  Think of what a mess my life would be if I was in control of it!

Thank you, Jesus
for date nights with my "True Love" and with genuine friends.....and for returning home after a date, feeling rejuvenated, feeling relaxed and walking into a quiet house with four sleeping angels who call us "mom and dad"