Tuesday, June 16


Isaac had his first chocolate ice cream cone today in Granbury at Stumpy's Lakeside restaurant
This pic makes me hungry for chocolate ice cream....I miss Blue Bell!!

Okay, so Madison was invited to go skating with some of her friends from school (the kids had planned it at the last minute) and what a blessing it was, that all 3 of the older kids and their friends got to enjoy such a fun evening
 On our way to "Skate Town" to go skating with friends....a super fun and last minute invitation....I love when Jesus does that!
In the pic above....
Isaac was watching The Wiggles video in the car....and the older kids were totally singing along to the nerdy but fun music!

 Nicholas and Landon
Savannah and Kenna
Madison and some of her sweet friends from school

Thank you Jesus, for summer nights and good friends and for rollerskating...
Rollerskating.......an activity that will truly always be one of the most exciting, in the world...How awesome to experience....if only for a couple of hours...to literally have wheels for feet!
I could get so much done if I had wheels for feet...I would be so much more efficient!