Tuesday, June 23


Madison got a 100% on her permit test

My little baby girl, Madison decided to take a giant leap into adulthood today by getting her Texas Drivers Permit

Oh Dear Lord, prepare my heart for this new chapter in her life.......in our life

Madison started Drivers Ed at the beginning of summer and went today with her Daddy (and My True Love) to the DPS to get her learners permit.  I consider this whole "learning how to drive" task, a "Daddy/Daughter" activity.  
I have been the one taking Madison to Drivers Ed everyday, but the actual  physical learning to drive for REAL,  behind the wheel of an actual car is entirely...."Daddy's Department"
My beautiful baby girl sitting behind the wheel of a car for the absolute first time ever.  She looks so cute in that jeep.........too cute!
 Here she goes for the first time EVER.....with her Daddy,  joined by her little Brother Nicholas, and our dear friend, Andy in the backseat
Yikes!!! She is driving away.  I know that she is scared to death.  I am praying for HER peace and for DADDY'S patience

It is a huge day at the Lustig house!
I am so proud of you, Madi-Cakes

Dear Jesus, Please keep my baby safe....I know that You will because as much as I love her as only a mommy can......You, as her Perfect Father loved her first (with a Perfect Love) and her fragile young soul is more precious to You than gold