Friday, May 6


Madison could not have been blessed with a finer and more handsome date than Luke.  He was such a gentleman and made my little baby feel like a true princess.

 I was in the hospital, heart broken to not be at home helping Madison get ready.  God provides, as He always does, and sent beautiful people to love my kids when I was far away.  Jeremy's mom took Madison to get her hair and makeup done and then helped her get ready and Luke drove Madison up to the hospital on their way to the prom(which was really OUT of their way) so that I could see them all dressed up for this magical evening!  He brought me flowers and thanked Jeremy and I for letting him take Madison to the prom.  They had the best time!  What a night to remember for sure!

Here are a couple of random Prom selfies

Thank you Lord Jesus for making this Prom night so perfectly special for my Madison
I know that You love her more than my human heart ever could and that You love to shower her with gifts and Graces
I am so grateful for Your merciful blessings
I love you, Jesus