Monday, May 9


I am posting this letter that Madison wrote to Kerry on Mother's Day

Dear Mommy,

I know that I didn’t get to spend your special day with you, but I hope that you know how much I love you and miss you, and wish that I could’ve been there with you today. The past 70 days have been long and trying, but I know that there is a reason for all of this….it’s things like this that you taught me, like how to see God in everything, and to always trust that He does in fact have a plan, no matter how crazy it may seem. 

I see a less-impressive “you” in myself, as I strive to reach the perfection you model for me to be, every single day. Especially now, without you at home, I try so hard to follow your amazing and virtuous example. 

I could never really explain to anyone the terrible pain I felt 70 days ago as I was told that I may never speak to you again… was like everything inside me broke down as I wondered how I could go on without you. You’re everything to me. You’re not only a wonderful mother, but also my best friend…..I couldn’t imagine life without you. I remember sitting in that wretched hospital waiting room for hours, silently sobbing to myself all night long as I hoped and prayed, and realized how much nothing else really mattered. I finally understood what you meant whenever you told me that material things don’t matter….they don’t last forever. I felt so silly for whining and complaining about all the little things that I do every single day. I finally saw that what really matters in the end is family and faith, and because of that, I have a new outlook on life itself.

I know I can never be the perfect daughter you deserve, but I promise to try to be as close to that as I possibly can be! You’ve put up with me during good and bad times for over 16 years now, and you’ve been such an amazing role model for me to follow, and I’m sorry that I’ve taken that for granted! 
I can’t even write enough to sum up exactly how I feel and all that I want to say, but please just know that I love you so so so much, mom! I can’t imagine my life without you! Thank you for all that you do for me, especially being my best friend! 

Happy Mother’s Day!

“Madi Bear”