Monday, May 16


(I love when our Lord speaks to me through His most holy servants....Of course Jesus knew exactly what I needed to hear (read) today....When hope seemed so distant from me)

How could I have ever even questioned.....He has already demonstrated this to me so many times in so many ways

"He is the Creator.  He who did, alone can undo.  He who made, alone can destroy.  He who gave nature it's laws, alone can change those laws.
He who made fire to burn, food to nourish, water to flow,  and iron to sink.  He ALONE can make fire harmless, food needless, water firm and solid and iron light.

Man is powerful only by means of nature. God uses nature as His instrument. God has no need of nature in order to accomplish His Will.  He works His great work, sometimes by means of nature, and sometimes without nature, as it pleases Him"
-Blessed John Henry Newman

Dear Gracie Ann,
Even though the world doesn't understand how you are even possible, we know that Jesus Christ has the supreme control over all.  He willed you to be born in the midst of distress, when daddy was told that you would surly die.... and now (as you beat all of the odds) our Lord is Willing you to continue amazing all that gaze upon your sweet face, as you reflect His true Glory.  We count down the days until you can be home with us.  We love you so much.

( are my sweet Baby Bunny)

Lord God, You have command over ALL things!  You are mighty and know no boundaries!
Please bring our sweet Gracie Ann home soon....Oh how my heart aches without her near me, Jesus.  How long until my heart will be satisfied? 
As my head lays heavy in my hands, I am comforted by You and Your goodness and love for Gracie.  You love her more than my disordered human heart ever could, as Gracie was Yours first.  She is Your creation and because of that, I have nothing to fear.....My next breath resounds..."Jesus, I trust in You"
Above all, we pray that Your most Holy and Perfect Will be done...We know that You have big plans for Gracie Ann in Your perfect timing. 
Help us to stay faithful as we wait to see Your plan unfold