Saturday, August 6


(My sweet Isaac)
During 5:00pm Mass last Sunday, right before the Consecration, Isaac had, had enough pew time.  He was being sweet but just could not sit quietly any longer......BTW, Isaac is 2 years old.

Madison offered to walk Isaac to the back of the Sanctuary, which is something the kids do often with Isaac when he is tired of sitting at Mass.  Madison walked Isaac around the back of the pews and pointed at all of the beautiful statues and images in the church.  They lit a candle, prayed for mama and Gracie Ann, which is the first part of their Sunday Mass tradition.
After reaching the back of the church, Madison always walks Isaac over to the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe (another tradition they both enjoy)  Madison always asks Isaac the same questions each time.  Below you can read their conversation as they stand in front of this beautiful painting.

Madison:     "Isaac, where is Mama Mary?" 
 Isaac:   "there"as he points to Mary in the painting
Madison:   "Isaac, where is Baby Jesus?"
Isaac:   "there", as he points to Mary's belly
Madison:   "Isaac, where is the Angel?"
Isaac:   "there"as he points to the angel under Mary's feet (this is where he always points)

By this time in the conversation, the Most Holy Consecration was well underway

After Isaac pointed to the angel in the painting, he excitedly looked up into the air and exclaimed.....
"And there.......and there......and there!" As he pointed up towards the ceiling all around him.  He had never done this before.

Madison quickly asked........

Madison:   "Isaac, what do you see?"
Isaac:   "Angel.....angel.....angel" as he continued to point (his rendition of pronouncing angel is something similar to "a-gel" with a hard G)

Madison (very surprised and excited) quickly seized the moment as she asked Isaac more questions about what he was seeing

Madison:   "Isaac, do you have an angel of your own?"
Isaac:   "es" (yes)
Madison:   "Where is Isaac's angel?"
Isaac:   "There" (as he points above his head but behind him)
Madison:   "Where is Madison's angel?"
Isaac:   "There" (as he points above Madison's head but behind her)
Madison:   "Isaac, can you call your angel down?"
Isaac:   "es" (yes)
Isaac looks up to the ceiling and says something that Madison could not understand (they were talking quietly, so she couldn't hear what he said)
After he speaks up to the ceiling, his eyes follow from the ceiling down to in front of him.

Madison:   "Where is Isaac's angel now?"
Isaac points down in front of himself

Isaac, then unfortunately was distracted by a noise he heard across the room and looked away,  pointing towards the noise

Madison quickly regained his attention and asked him again.....

Madison:   "Where is Isaac"s angel now?"
Isaac pointed to the EXACT same location that he had said his angel was, a minute earlier
Madison:   "Can you give your angel a hug?"
Isaac:   "es" (yes)
Isaac hugs the air in front of himself and gives it a kiss
Madison:   "Isaac, can you give Madison's angel a hug too?"
Isaac:   "es" (yes)
Isaac walks behind Madison and hugs and kisses the air

By this time it was time for Madison and Isaac to go up for Holy Communion.   Since they were back in the narthex, they were the last to receive Communion.  They returned to the back row pew and knelt as Madison quietly said some post Communion prayers.  Isaac stood on the kneeler, looking around.  By this time Communion was completed and the Eucharist had been put back into and the Tabernacle and the Altar had been cleared

Madison could not wait to ask Isaac more about his angel.....still kneeling, she leaned over and  quietly asked him....
Madison:   "Isaac, can you talk to your angel?"
Isaac:   "es" (yes)
Madison:   "Isaac, ask him what his name is"

Isaac looked around for a minute and then said.....
Isaac:   "eve" (leave)....."up".  Isaac pointed up and repeated "eve" (leave)..."up"
Madison:   "Did your angel leave, Isaac?"
Isaac:   "es", as he continued to point up to the ceiling exclaiming "eve"..."up"
Isaac saw the choir of Angels that are always present during the Consecration!! This vision is a special consolation that many others have been blessed to see as well.  What a beautiful moment that Isaac had and that Madison got to share in.  I love when God surprises us like that.....why does He do it.......BECAUSE HE CAN!!  He is an amazing Father Who Loves His children with a Perfect Love and I am so blessed to be able to call Him Father and I am so privileged to be called His little girl!!

I know that Isaac will not remember this event even happening, as he is only 2 years old, but I don't what us to ever forget what a beautiful gift our Lord gave us through our sweet and innocent little boy that day.
I just couldn't help but add this picture of Isaac as well.  He was so intrigued that BOTH fingers could fit in his nose at the same time!
(you know that THIS picture will come back to haunt him when he gets older)

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for giving us (Your little children) Yourself through the Most Holy Eucharist, where all of Heaven joins together in Adoration of Your True Mightiness! 
 I am truly humbled and in awe of You at every moment!
Thank You for blessing us with Isaac and for all 5 of our precious children!  They bring us so much joy!  Thank you for making Yourself present to Jeremy and I, through them in so many ways.  These consultations are such wonderful gifts to us.  Thank You for loving us so much!  Help us to be more like little in innocence, obedience and faithfulness.  I know that their pure little souls are Your True Heart's Delight!
I love You with my entire heart, with my entire soul, and with everything that I am, and I will continue to love You from now until my very last breath!
love, kerry ann