Thursday, November 10



To My FIVE Children,
(I just LOVE saying that….FIVE, isn’t that so awesome…me, a mommy of FIVE!!!)
(Madison, Savannah, Nicholas, Isaac, and Gracie Ann)

Today has been an extreme day of blessings for mommy and daddy!  We left the house before you were even awake, to head to UT Southwestern for another post transplant appointment (wow, I cannot believe I get to say that now….POST-transplant, instead of PRE-transplant).  These appointments make for long days, but actually right now they are my only outings, so for me it’s an all-day date with Daddy!  Of course we miss you so much but it is such a great opportunity to just get to visit with my best friend…..who puts up with a lot, let me tell you!  Over the past 10 months, he has spent 115 days in the hospital with me, NEVER leaving my side!!  Now, daddy drives me back and forth 3X per week to UT Southwestern for appointments, not to mention, all of my IV/oral meds and wound care throughout each day (and through the night) at home.  He is my total hero…..and he is super cute too!!  How did I deserve such a great guy?

Anyway back to my story of blessings

Look that these X-Rays of mommy’s lungs.  

The first one was taken in April of this year (2016) and the second one was taken this past Monday (November 7, 2016).  The doctor showed these images to us today….can you believe it!!!  Mommy’s lung function is now at 76%!  Remember when it sat at 17%….that is such a distant memory now as I have become addicted to breathing!! I hope that I leave enough air for everyone else….I have been a bit greedy with it lately!  That 76% will get even higher as I relearn how to breathe and use the 24% of my lungs that still awaits me!!!

Those are just SOME of the blessings from today…..When we go to my appointments, we get to see all of my amazing doctors and nurses, who have become family to me!  They celebrate in my success each and every time and then we get the chance to talk about and praise Jesus together with them!!
Me and Dr. Mohanka
I am just so thankful
They saved Mommy's life

I am so thankful for all of my Doctors, surgeons, nurses and the entire Transplant and Pulmonary Team
(Dr. Kaza, Dr. Bollineni, Dr. Wait, Dr. Pelts, Dr. Torres, Dr. Mullins, Dr. Banga, Dr. Mohanka and for my CF Pulmonologists, who kept me healthy and alive for so long....Dr. Jain and Dr. Finklea)


Jeremy and I get to meet other patients (and their spouses) at both the clinic visits and at my physical therapy, who are going through what I am going through (and what Jeremy is going through)….it imparts an instant connection, as we both understand the pure joy and happiness that we physically feel with each and every breath. I have cried with more strangers in the past 8 months than I ever thought I would in a lifetime.
In PT today, I road a mile on the bike
And I walked a mile on the treadmill

My little ones remember this....
Suffering brings forth a beautiful unity with not only our Lord, but also among people.  I have grown to believe that my suffering has had the ability to be more intimately joyful than most earthly pleasures.  

Don’t get me wrong, my little ones, the joy of being your mommy and having each of you growing inside of my tummy (and now getting to love you and care for you each and everyday) is a true earthly pleasure that has brought me the most joy in all of the world!


Right now we are sitting in daddy’s car outside of Dallas/Love Field Airport (watching the planes take off) as we wait for another appointment that doesn’t start until 4:00pm.  Right now it is 1:00pm.  I have to "fast" for this test, so we cannot even go out to lunch. All that we have at this moment is time.  Your daddy has nodded off to sleep, so that is why I decided to write you this letter.  He is so tired and snoring right now....while I am watching the planes take off RIGHT over our car
 Here it comes
 It looks like it might hit the car
 Then it swoops up fast.....just in time
There it is through the sunroof.....I cannot believe that, that big thing can fly

Well, my babies, we will not be home until dinner time tonight, but we cannot wait to see you and hug you


Even though Gracie Ann was in the hospital the night of halloween, we decided to take pictures of her in her costume after....shhhh, don't tell her that she is a little butterfly 
My friend Jen just sent me this picture of Isaac and his sweet little friends (her little ones) Sarah and Shawn

So many wonderful things to celebrate right now in our family!  I love being your Mommy and I love playing with my little babies.....that's you, Isaac and Gracie Ann....and I love hanging out with my big kids....that's you, Savannah, Madison, and Nicholas! That is the best part of having new lungs.  I love you with all of my heart

Love, Mommy

Dear Lord Jesus,
Thank you yet again for showering me with gift after gift!  Each and every trial always comes wrapped in the most beautiful box with a huge bow tied on top. 
Please help me to use these new lungs to serve only You, through serving others. Help me to be a loving and supportive wife for Jeremy and the best mommy ever for these five little souls.
Thank you for all of the blessings in my life.  Please Dear Lord, us to stay close to You always and forever 

love, kerry ann


Today, the last of our medical equipment was picked up from our house.  We went from 2 therapy percussion vests, one standing handheld percussion machine, 4 various kinds of nebulizers, a BiPap, and 3 oxygen concentrators
 (Right towards the end, before my new lungs, I needed to tether 3 concentrators together to provide the amount of oxygen I required)
This brought on a mix of emotions.....I was somewhere between joyful that I didn't need this equipment anymore, but sad that I have friends and other loved ones that still do, happy that my bedroom could go back to JUST being a bedroom, but a little terrified, as I have depended on these machines for so long to keep me alive and now they are gone.
It all boils down to a simple Thank you to my Lord for always blessing me and to my beautiful donor who, as he lost his life, selflessly offered to now breathe for me