Sunday, November 20



This is such a great day!  Gracie Ann got to sleep with me last night and that brought me total joy!!!
I have only been able to sleep with her one other time, due to me having to wear a BiPap/oxygen/etc.. at night and coughing all through the night.  Now that I have new lungs, I am able to indulge from time to time when my Lovely Jesus sees fit.
Even though getting up through the night is hard sometimes on a mommy, it has always been one of my absolute favorite times.
It is such an intimate and quiet date with both my baby and with Jesus.  The house is dark, except for my antique night light, which I bought on eBay and am totally in love with...It may be a fire hazard with it's odd 1940's wiring and questionable wall plug, but it brings me so much happiness
(What a beautiful image to see whenever I awake)

In fact, I have to share a picture of my nightstand that I can now enjoy without it being topped (literally overflowing) with medical equipment, a nebulizer, meds....pretty much an in home hospital
My place of tranquility has looked like a hospital room for 3 years now and finally by the Grace of God, Who saw that it was finally time to gift me back my bedroom, has blessed me yet again.  I never really enjoyed relaxing in my room.....well, because it was not a very relaxing place to be!

Thank you Jesus for this wonderful blessing of my nightstand clean-up, that would have been overlooked if it hadn't been taken from me in the first place......huge blessings wrapped in tiny boxes are the best!  Yet again, You have won over my heart, as only You can do...each and every day.   I am falling in love with You repeatedly.....Oh Jesus, I just love you so much

Back to my nighttime story
Feeding my little ones at night has to be one of my favorite times.  I hold my baby (in this case, my little Gracie Ann) in my arms and put my nose right on hers and softly rub them together.....then I just gaze into her sleepy little eyes and sing to her or sometimes I just quietly talk to her about how much I love her and I pray with her.  There is no other noise in the house.  It is so prayerful and peaceful!  I love to calm her as she slowly falls back to sleep in my arms.  It is the best...another enormous blessing wrapped up in the cutest little box.

After last night I do have to admit that I am a bit tired today.  I have been laying in bed with Gracie Ann, feeding her and doing her therapies with her (it is great)  Jeremy and Nicholas are watching the Cowboys Game, Savannah is playing with Isaac and Madison is laying in my bed working on something.....A Sunday full of peace and joy

Sweet little Isaac walked into my room, holding an orange in a bowl.
"Mommy open this for me please..."

I looked around my bed to see what I had available within an arms reach to help me in this literally "sticky" situation...
Here is what I came up with to provide Isaac with the help that he needed, while still holding Gracie Ann, who had since drifted off to sleep.
 I had to giggle as I sent him on his way to Daddy
After a few minutes of silence, I heard lots of laughter coming from the familyroom
Our Daddy is the best

I love you Jeremy and I love our Sunday afternoons
Thank you, Jesus for my family