Saturday, November 12


This beautiful moment with Jesus this morning was what I was truly inspired to blog about today, I never want to forget how great His Love is

I had the most amazing dream last night.  I dreamt that I looked in the mirror and my hair had grown back, long and blonde like it used to be....and my face was not puffy and swollen, it looked back to normal and in fact my face was all done up with my make up and I was all dressed up to go out somewhere.  
I ran to show Jeremy and we praised Jesus for such an amazing miracle!!  I was flipping my hair around in the mirror (kind of strange BUT it WAS a dream) and then I woke up.
After a second, finally realizing that I had been asleep, I actually reached behind my head to feel my hair and of course as expected, it was only a dream.  

I had a tough night last night and felt even worse this morning with a lot of pain all over my body.  I assumed that it was probably due to my awesome PT yesterday (I did the bike, the treadmill and the stairs).....I have to thank my PT's Mary and Joseph for continuing to help me regain strength and mobility

Yes, you read that correctly.....My amazing Physical Therapists are actually named, Mary and Joseph
God just never stops, does He?!?!


As I was saying....I woke up in quite a lot of pain, so this dream made me a bit sad.  As much as I try not to focus on not "looking like my old self", it creeps in from time to time as I do my best to push these thoughts away and just be thankful for all of the blessings that I DO have.....and they are abundant!

I had a tear in my eye already.....and because I was alone, I allowed myself to moan a little, due to my incision pain.  Well, as I thought about my dream a little bit more, another tear followed and then another, until 3 or 4 had rolled down my cheek and into my ear.

I was feeling a lot of sadness and prayed to be strong enough to move beyond my vanity and to simply appreciate my new life.

Just then, I was hit with such a blow to my soul that the tears began to multiply quicker than I could blink....Jesus spoke so softly and so gently inside of my heart and His Words were so powerful and beautiful and loving.....And this is what He said

"kerry, do you not realized that I dressed you today.....I did your hair just the way that wanted it and I made your face look just as I desired it to look.  It pleases Me....and you said that you always want to please Me"
"This is what you have prayed for"
Dear Jesus,
I am sorry to focus on such things as I know and trust You with all things.  You are the creator of all things beautiful and amazing.  Season after season You dress the flowers so perfectly delightful and they never worry about how they are going to look (MATT 6:28) ......then who am I to worry!
Thank you Dear Lord Jesus for creating what You desire in me.  I love You with all of my heart, Dear Lord, and I will love You today tomorrow and always
love, kerry ann