Friday, December 30


They built a Breadwinners in Southlake!!
Jeremy and I used to eat at the Breadwinners in Uptown Dallas ALL of the time in the first years of our marriage.  In fact we went there for breakfast on the day that I delivered Madison and just never ate there again 
(no particular reason....I guess that everything got a little more difficult having to cart a "tiny baby" around with us)

Twenty years of marriage and five children later, (while out running errands) Jeremy and I saw the letters that spelled "Breadwinners" being affixed on the front side of a new building, right off of 114 and Solana!
We were so excited.  We watched the building being finished out as the "Now Hiring" sign adorned the front windows.  We were just counting down the days until we would finally see the "Grand Opening" banner being hung!

The funny thing was, is that we would tell our friends about our excitement with a new Breadwinners, but neither of us could remember what we liked to eat there, or even how to describe the style of food that they served.  We just knew that it was super yummy and we loved it
We finally got the opportunity to eat at Breadwinner a few weeks ago.  We planned a double date with Jen and Shane.  We just had to snap this pic as we could not stop laughing......Jen and I didn't want to crawl all of the way into the 3rd row of seats, so we sat in the toddler seats strapped into the 2nd row seats

Anyway.....the food was FANTASTIC and the company even better!!
I had this amazing buttermilk breaded chicken breast, topped with a delicious gouda sauce and jalapeƱo jelly.  I substituted the leek mashed potatoes with a side of their amazing brunch potatoes.  Jeremy had the most tender filet!
It is an eclectic menu that included many types gourmet food

What a great night it was indeed.  I am so much enjoying REjoining the world with my new lungs.  
Life is so precious and should be used solely and ultimately for the Glory of God, whether it be evangelizing through joyful laughter with good friends or reflecting His love through our service to others

Thank You Jesus Willing me to stay here with my husband and children, if just a little bit longer.  Each day is a true gift and I love You with my entire self
kerry ann