Sunday, January 1


Bringing in 2017 surrounded by so much joy and filled with absolute gratitude to our wonderful and mighty Lord!!
What a great night!! 
We had not made any plans because of course I am so afraid of getting sick and wondering if I should make plans or just keep it a quiet evening with the family......I had quite the argument with myself....I am such a wimp and I need to trust in my Jesus and have courage.
then......NOT by chance, BUT through JESUS and His True and Loving Goodness......
We had our great and long time friends over (the Mira family) to ring in the New Year!
And just because He can and because He desired it to be one of the best New Year celebrations ever.....our neighbors, Shane and Jen Clark blessed us with a visit as well!
Midnight came and went with party poppers, Champagne, sparkling cider and noise-makers.....only to be followed up with an extra long visit until almost 2:00am!!
Totally Exceptional Joyfullness 
(I know.....I made up that word)
(Me and My Love, Jeremy)
Our first kiss of the New Year.....Praise You Father for this opportunity

After our goodbyes....I looked at Jeremy and said, almost in disbelief....
"We kind of just had a real party!!!"
He smiled and we just hugged, as we basked in the new life that  this New Year's Celebration meant for our family!

Thank you Jesus for Willing me to still be here with my family for an exciting 2017
You continue to shower me with blessings and I promise to use these blessings to honor and serve You each and every day and for always!
I love you Jesus
kerry ann