Monday, January 23


This picture of my mom and I was taken last week at the first post transplant appointment that Jeremy could not attend with me.

Of course my mom was more than willing to take me, as I had a bronchoscopy scheduled that same afternoon, and could not drive myself home.
I was very thankful to her for offering to take me and I truly enjoyed this special time with her, just simply sitting and visiting about everything!!!!!

But, it was only in the surgery prep area, that I truly saw the absolute providence in her accompanying me that day.

This day of victory was more her's, than it was mine

She is my mom, and I will ALWAYS be her baby no matter what.....she and my daddy got me to this place in my life.  

My mom tirelessly fought the uphill battle of my CF throughout my childhood and into adulthood.
She fervently prayed for me, as she led her little one (me) down Christ's Path in her vocation as a mother (I would not be half of the mommy I am today, if it weren't for her life's example of self-less motherhood.
She anxiously worried as she made tough and scary decisions for me, trying to keep me healthy and safe.

My mom and my daddy were determined to give me the best life that they could, despite my CF, even when it was not easy AND when the world wouldn't have blamed them for giving up.

This lady not only grew me inside of her belly 41 years ago, she and my daddy loved me, took care of me, kept me healthy with all of my special needs, and most importantly.....together, they imparted their strong and beautiful faith in our Lord Jesus Christ to me and to my sister.

They taught Kelley and I to pray without ceasing, to trust without fearing and to love without counting......and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

I love you mom....with all of my heart!  
Happy 100th day with new lungs!  
(I am wearing daddy's shirt today....this shirt is part of nearly every childhood memory I have....thank you for letting me keep it)

I wouldn't have this new chance at life if it weren't for you and daddy being PRO-LIFE and for trusting that there was a divine reason for this "special" child that God entrusted to you, to raise against the grain.  If you had not trusted in Him and loved Him with your entire hearts and souls, I would not be here at this victorious appointment today!

Even though daddy cannot really see or understand all of what today means, in the way that we wish that he could.....
I have faith that daddy knows exactly and sees intimately in his heart (as a special gift from our Most Holy and Most beautiful Savior, Jesus) that all you went through together was so worth you would ever doubt that : )

I love you so much
kerry bear

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for my parents, Jim and Diane Courtney....and for them so faithfully following their call to be my mom and dad.  You could NOT have picked a better pair for me.  
I love You and I trust You with everything in me and I would have never known to do that, if You hadn't blessed me with these two amazing parents
kerry ann (Courtney) Lustig