Tuesday, January 24


AND.......Two cute pictures of our sweet little Gracie Ann at the doctor today
This doctor is working miracles in our little angel and just loves her so much.  Jeremy and I just know that he was sent to us from God
πŸ’—Thank You my Dear Lord JesusπŸ’—
Gracie Ann at her appointment today wearing one of her precious new outfits
Baby girl clothes are so much fun to pick out!!  She is my little baby doll

It has been almost 2 months since our last update, and many have asked, so I thought I would give you a little information regarding my girls.  Kerry is a new person.  We have now crossed the 100 day mark since God blessed her with new lungs.  During this 100 days, she has gone from being tethered to an oxygen tube 24 hours a day and minimal activity, to walking with a dear friend of hers up to 2 hours per day!  (not slow walking either….  walking miles!)  It is an astounding sight to see.  She has “returned” to full motherhood, her true vocation.  Her light shines on all of us, with her infectious optimism.  Man, we are so blessed.

Our sweet angel, Gracie Ann is following a more challenging path (not that Kerry’s path was not challenging!).  We struggle to control the constant seizures, and to balance them with the prescribed medications.  The medications really effect her by sedating her.  Sometimes, she can go an entire day, sleeping.  She has been labeled with a couple other diagnoses, none of which seem favorable.  She now can be described as having Intractable Epilepsy, and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (not to mention Infantile Spasms, Quadraplegic Cerebral Palsy, and ITP) - The point… she is still in need of prayer, and we would appreciate your help in this.  Feeding her has become a real challenge for us.  We cannot determine if it is the sedation, or the prophecy of her neurologist who stated at her last visit, “I hope she does not lose the ability to swallow”.  The seizures cause a loss of abilities gained, so rolling over is a thing of the past.  Please don’t take this as loss of hope, as we have Faith in Him.  We actually have a new physician that specializes in traumatic brain injury and he is doing aggressive therapy on her.  We are so hopeful that this will help, and initial indications seem to show some improvement in her movements.  We feel that God put him in our path, and that he is the best chance for success.  Please continue to think of her as you pray each day.

Thank you to my amazing husband (Jeremy)  for loving us so much! I cannot believe that I get to journey with you through this world, as we lead each other and our children back home to Jesus.  
I am an ordinary girl married to an extraordinary boy....I am so blessed
We love our Daddy

Thank you Jesus for our little Gracie Ann and for allowing me to be her mommy.  She just brings us so much joy......we could not imagine life without this sweet little soul.  Thank you for making me a wife and a mother.  Help me to lead my family back home to You.  Protect every word that comes out of my mouth from hurting or negatively affecting anyone.  
Help me to use every breath that You have blessed me with to Honor and to Serve You alone.  I long to be Your delight and  I long to see Your Holy and Beautiful face