Saturday, July 8


The scary pockets of infection that filled my belly are GONE!  The plan for antibiotics and drainage tubes until Christmas has been miraculously changed with just a snap of my Lord's mighty Fingers. is true!!
And I stand in extraordinary gratitude before my Beautiful Savior, Who has yet again, surprised His little girl.....
Thank You my Father for keeping great watch over me and for keeping me safe always and forever

He loves to surprise me, watching with delight, as my heart flutters with joy and love for Him....Oh my God, How good and merciful You are to me!

My abdominal pain is getting better and better each day.  I am still on IV medications, treating a strain of infection resistant to my previous medications for I think, one month longer, as my incredible doctors (who are the Hands and Feet of Jesus) want to see, a third clear CT scan before taking any chances with the health of my new lungs.

 They are truly experts in their fields and are so protective and caring for their patients.  I have been so blessed to be one of those patients and to have so many exceptional professionals watching over me.
I sadly ended up missing the first month of summer with my family
(on my 31 day retreat in the hospital with Jesus)

BUT, how spoiled I have been by my loving Father and mighty Creator to have had this most reverent time with just Him, as He continues to transform my soul....purifying it into something that will truly delight Him....For a pure soul is what I thrist for the most.
Dear Jesus,
I beg of You to be my Divine Purifier...removing the dross from my soul and refining it into a precious stone.

"And He shall sit as a Refiner and Purifier of silver: and He shall purify them, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer onto the Lord an offering of righteousness"
(Malachi 3:3) I would love to delight my Father by being truly pure and pleasing to Him

My new mission....Take more pictures of ME and my family
I will quit saying "no" to having my picture taken...... always "taking" the pictures of everyone ELSE, because I don't like pictures of myself.....

I need to get over myself because these memories and pictures are not necessarily for "me".....
Oh, the regrets I felt laying sick in the hospital wondering what memories my childen would have of me

We've climbed a mountain, and now we are so delighted to catch our breath while we enjoy gazing at the dazzling scenic view from the top.
We are all praising and glorifying our Lord and basking in the joy after the hard fought journey that He so graciously carried us through....


(The kids after Daddy and Mommy surprise attacked them with silly string)

(They never saw us coming and NEVER thought mom would go along with a silly string attack....IN FACT it was Mommy's idea!)
(Daddy left the pool heater on all night by accident and the water felt like a bath...almost too warm, so we all got in and even got Gracie Ann in to float around......she loved it and was so relaxed) 
(Gracie Ann's first time in the pool) 
(Our little Pool Princess loved it)
(We had so much fun splashing in the pool)

Guess who drove by house as Jen and I were out on our "Mommy walk"

The Ice Cream Truck!!!

Jen so kindly flagged down the Ice Cream truck driver as I (looking like a total fool) excitedly ran into my house to get the kids

(Isaac's first experience with the ice cream truck.....just like old times)
(A "Push Pop" was the choice)


 These brothers LOVE their baby sister

Me and my Noodles
 An EXTREMELY CHERISHED visit where I was blessed and humbled, when his Excellency, Bishop Olson granted me the Sacrament of the Sick that I so desired, and blessed our little Gracie Ann
Matchers.....even down to our fuzzy socks
 First visit to the mall in at least 1 1/2yrs....I surprised my girls with an aftrnoon of shopping!
I wouldn't have gone to the mall that day if it was not for my friend Anne
who is SO MUCH cooler than I am 
 My "Littles" at the mall
 The Mall had a BEAUTIFUL Carousel
Friends Coffee/Visiting Time......very important!!
Thank you to all my friends who not only stormed Heaven for my health, but did not forget about me, even when I was gone for so long
Gracie Ann's first "Messy Bun"
Enjoying BOTTLED Cokes....nothing better!

Courtney and Kerry
My beautiful family
My sister Kelley, Chris, and my nieces, Courtney and Kerry at their 13th bithday party
My Sis and mom at a super fun 80's Birthday party for my nieces 

Nicholas and Christopher at Courtney and Kerry's 80's birthday party
They were the only boys so they totally "rocked out" the way only boys can
Isaac's first time roller skating with Madison's help of course


 The entire Lustig Family drawn in was a spontanious idea inspired by our Lord that was so much fun for our family!!
 Isaac and Sarah eating pizza and visiting like two little adults
Jeremy is an EXPERT (non-Italian) wood burning pizza oven, pizza maker
 My little people
 Well Done pork chops......they were still incredibly yummy!
 Boat Buddies on Lake Texoma
Curly-haired little Gracie Ann  
Christopher and Nicholas
at Camp Subiaco at Subiaco Abbey (A Roman Catholic Benedictine Monastery) in Subiaco in Arkansas
They had the BEST time ever
Nose to Nose Napping (I did this with all of my kids)

Seriously Cuteness all the way around.......
He says........
ISAAC: "Mama I love you and I am sorry that I wasn't being nice today."
I say back to him....
MOMMY: "I forgive you...and Isaac, even if you were mean a lot, Mommy will ALWAYS love you no matter what!" "Nothing will EVER change that!" "I will love you forever and ever!"
ISAAC:  "Oh you're just talking silly!"
Rhonda treated me to lunch at her beautiful country club
A fancy meal with my great friend is just the best ever....really anytime we are together is super fun
 Bree Bree and I trying to talk the manicurist into letting us do a "pedi-dip"
"Why can you dip your fingers but NOT your toes?"
"We want to be the first to try it?"
 Isaac's "Big Box playhouse" more fun than any toy we could ever buy
 My friend Genni took this picture of Nicholas, Isaac, Gracie Ann, and I at Daily Mass.  She loved how Nicholas was snuggling Gracie Ann 
(Isaac and I are off to the right)
 Gracie Ann in her walker
 Sister and brother running errands
Isaac driving Madison's "Jeep Jeep"
 Isaac and his friend Kolbe

Breathing treatments for my baby Gracie Ann. Poor thing has some bad drainage and a cough
 My Precious little one
These kids have been tubing together for over 8 years!!
I never thought that I would be blessed with another lakehouse opportunity like this again
Praise You Father
When did they all get so big?!?!?!?
 Me and Lori
Two fancy mommies basking in the sun on the 4th of July
Again.....I never thought that I would be healthy enough to enjoy such a fun time
I am forever grateful for each and every blessed opportunity bestowed upon me
Water sports is SO tiring
Everyone came in and promptly fell asleep
First can of soda
These are Gracie Ann's special laser glasses that she wears each day to help stimulate her little brain.  She is developing so much.
Our Precious Lord is working through her in countless ways and we praise Him with every joy she brings us. 
 She is perfect just the way that she is, but we continue to try to give her every opportunity so that she can be whatever her Loving Father wants her to be.....we cannot wait to see the plans that He has in store for her.....Gracie Ann is already touching the world in a very powerful way
A belated "Mothers Day" mani/pedi's with my girls
Nicholas and Savannah sleepover with their good friends Damian and Magdalena!
Upside down kisses make Isaac laugh
Oh my goodness....when I looked at this picture, I saw my own face....thank You Jesus!!! You continue to shower me with countless surprises!!
 She is eating a little by mouth!! Praise Jesus!
Eating is very tiring 
Uncle Felix can ALWAYS calm our little ones no matter HOW frustrated they may be.....He has this special loving touch that relaxes there fragile little upset heart and puts them to sleep......seriously.....EVERY TIME!!
We love our uncle Felix
Taking it back "old school"
Airing out a diaper rash....but keeping Gracie Ann warm by the fire
Blessed friend time 
More Blessed friend time 
Grace and Savannah

 And More Blessed friend time
Ella and Madison
 And even moreBlessed friend time
Trever, James, Christopher and Nicholas
13 years after becoming the best of friends.....
We grew up together as mommies
"Like I always tell you, Lori....I am so happy that you wore your funny socks that day and pulled on my arm to tell me....I knew at that moment that we would be friends forever!"
 Just like daddy
 Isaac Bonding with Max
Me and my baby girl with piggytails for the first time
And what is with that HUGE vein on my head...I usually try and photoshop it out
More pigtails
More pigtails......
And we're out!!
Daddy's baby girl
 This boy loves the boat

 New "Big Girl" carseat
 Daddy's Girls
Extreme Daddy Lovin
This is my Love
Twenty-four years ago, Jesus brought Jeremy and I together on 
November 6, 1993
Twenty years ago this month, I became Mrs. Lustig
July 19, 1997
Jeremy and I have been through a lot.

Jeremy and I fell in love and I knew that I needed to tell him about my lung disease.....because if he were to ask me to marry him, he would be taking on a cross that he may not want to carry, and then feel stuck. 

Both of us remember the night that I told him about my CF
(sitting in his blue hatch back Honda Civic, parked in front of my dorm room at TCU)
He said that when I finally found the words to tell him that I was sick.....he always says that he fell in love with me all over again, but little did either of us know what wonderful plan Jesus had in store for us.
If you ask anyone in our family, my sickness has been our single most biggest blessing, as it has helped us to keep our entire focus as a family, on our Lord.
Jeremy has helped me carry my heavy cross and loves me no matter what....
And of course, I am absolutley in love with him too.....

And I am SO BLESSED that our Lord gifted this ordinary girl (me) with this extraordinary boy (Jeremy) to journey towards Heaven with

Jeremy Russell Lustig, you are truly my
"Simon of Cyrene"

Dear Jeremy
I don't know what I would do without you.
Thank you for loving me and our five babies.  We are so very blessed to have you as our Daddy....Our Spiritual leader, leading our family home towards Jesus Christ

I have NOW spent more than 1/2 of my life with you.....
And I am so blessed to have you as my husband
Jeremy and I when we were first dating in college

and Jeremy...
Today, tomorrow, and forever......I choose you
kerry ann

My Dearest Jesus,
Jeremy and I promise to forever and always praise You in our victories
to forever and always praise You in the storm