Saturday, October 28


I will never forget this day....from the fear to the trust to the joy.....
The dreaded call at 7:28am Friday Oct. 27th

 "Daddy, Savannah and I had an accident"
"Are you and Savannah okay!?!?!"
"Yes Dad....Luke saw the accident happen and he stopped right away to help me."  "Savannah is very upset and hit her head on the door (as her side of the car was hit), but Luke is talking to the other driver so that I can comfort Savannah"
"I'm Coming!"
My Dearest and Most Precious Jesus,
As any good Father would, You scooped up my two little girls into Your Mighty Arms, just in the nick of time to keep them safe!!
You are Perfect and Loving and Comforting and All Holy and Immaculate and Most Honorable!!
I praise You and I am forever grateful to You for keeping my children (and the other driver) safe from harm....and I praise You for sending angels, in the form of our school friends, who saw the accident, seeing Madison’s jeep on the side of the road....and without a second thought, so lovingly stopped to render aide and comfort to both her and Savannah!!!
I praise You for our amazing Christ centered school (as always), who when hearing the news of the accident, their loving principal drove over from the school to make sure that my girls were okay.  
Mrs Mehaffey has continued to inspire us with her true virtue and devotion to her vocation.
(You are always watchful Lord Jesus.....keeping Your Children safe)
And.....just becuase You can, You interwove so many blessings into this situation, making this tragity into an event of true virtue, friendship, bonding, and joy.
Only You can do this, as every bit of happiness and Good that is in this world is You, my Father! You lovingly find ways to bless every path that Your faithful little children are walking on.

Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ....King of endless Glory
kerry ann

All of the kids who stopped to help my girls were given permission to go out to grab chick-fil-a together before going to school, so that they could cheer up the girls after a scary morning commute.
It is NOT about being is about realizing God's Divine Face in every facit of our lives.
(Claire Ferguson was so generous to take this picture of the group, so her beautiful face is missing from this image.....She is a beautiful soul)

The breaking of the bread together, as we bond as faithful followers, is a most important aspect of the beautiful Body of Christ.....It is extremely scriptual as we read passage after passage, after passage, emphasizing the true revelence of this act.

"Then the two told what had happened on the way, and how Jesus was recognized through the breaking of the bread"
Luke 24:35

Madison took video of all her friends that were there, but as i tried to freeze the video to capture the sweet faces of the kids, I could not get even close to clear pictures of all of them......but please know to all of these sweet and thoughtful students.....that I am so grateful to YOU...
 for being Jesus
to my girls today
This breakfast together with their friends was more than "just chicken", it was spiritually bonding for all.  I have been pleading with Jesus to heal this bond, that has been compromised by the world....and HE,  as always, answers all prayers, but continually surprises His children with how He chooses to do so..
(The kind police officer who helped at the scene of the accident was at Chick fil a too!)

What happened today, was another reminder of the Beautiful Body of Christ
With this thought.....
As my Jesus reminds me of the powerful community of believers (The Body Of Christ), who are a most important part of our personal spiritual journey towards Heaven

To my Wonderful Friends, Family, and other followers of Christ,  who I may have not even been given the blessed opportunity to meet face to face.......

You adopted my children while I was sick. You were a mother to my children, when I could not be.....
You took my children in, as your own...whether it be through interacting with them, checking in with them just to see how they were feeling, helping them get from place to place, feeding them (sending meals), and praying fervently for my sweet babies and for our family, from a distance.
"Pray for each other so that you may be healed. The Prayer of the righteous person is powerful and effective."
James 5:16

You are all so dear to my heart and before all of you, I stand in total gratitude for your love and kindness and fervent prayer

All of you faithful souls that my Beautiful Jesus blessed us with, are the only reason that Gracie Ann and I made it through!

A most humble thank you again for...stepping up (without even a thought) to help and comfort my little ones in their tragidy this morning and even before, when I was sick and in the trenches, unable to step up, myself

Both Jeremy and I are more grateful than you will ever know
kerry ann

The Body of Christ and the Communion of Saints is unbelievably incredible and to see it work in such an intimate way in my small and unimportant life is truly a Most Copious Gift to me
Thank you Jesus
I love You with all of my heart and my soul
I pray for Your perfect Will to be done in my life and I promise to follow You all the days of my life  until I breathe my very last breath