Monday, January 29


My Dearest little Gracie Ann,
Today I took you to see Dr. Dambro because you are really struggling with a cough and sniffles.
As Jesus always does....He puts us exactly where we need to be at your most crucial moments.  He is a wonderful Father to us.  You were having a lot of trouble breathing and I knew that you needed prayers and so I sent out a plea for prayers to all of our faithful friends and family, both from near and from far.  
Below is the plea that I sent out.  Oh my sweet little are so important to me and my heart has broken into a million pieces.  It is barly recognizable.  
All I can do right now is pray for you with all of my heart and with all of my soul.  Jesus has you wrapped up in His strong Arms....just holding you and keeping you safe.
You had to be admitted to the were still struggling to breathe so you were moved to the ICU.  I am just so afraid as I watch you struggle.  So many people are praying for you Gracie Ann.  I do trust in our Mighty and Merciful God.  He knows exactly what you need and He always has you under His most Careful and most Watchful Eye
Oh my Baby this makes me feel empty inside to see you suffering so much
My Plea for prayers
Please lift up our little Gracie Ann in prayer. She has been struggling with a cough and pneumonia for weeks. She worsened over the past 24hrs, so I brought her to her pulmonologist (at Cook Childrens Hospital) this morning, and her oxygen sats were in the 60’s.  The nurse hooked Gracie Ann up to liquid oxygen and she is doing somewhat better, but cannot breathe well on her own. 
Because of her brain trauma, when she is sick, her brain does not tell her lungs to breathe harder (like our brain does)...Gracie Ann just breathes less. So, she has to be admitted to the hospital. 
My heart is broken and I’m just pleading with God to keep her safe.  I know that He loves Gracie Ann more than anyone else ever could....and He knows what is best for her, but (me) being His scared little girl.....I still look up at Him with big eyes, as I tug on His sleeve, just begging for Him to listen to what my heart desires!! 
With tears rolling down my cheeks (as I don’t always understand His reasoning).......the nurse just took her from my arms 

I will praise You Jesus in all of my joys....but I will also praise You in the storm. 
Jesus I trust in You
Please just fix it