Wednesday, February 21


My Dearest Lord Jesus.....
My Father, my Savior,  my Beginning and my End, my Hero, my Daddy, my Everything
My heart is broken beyond repair.

It's been 12 days
It's raining
I don't think that I will ever feel true happiness again.  
I miss Gracie Ann so much....Please carry me, my Mighty Father, my Daddy....please oh please heal my wounds... 
This exile seems far too much for my weak and frightened and wounded heart to bear
I feel so empty inside
Oh, I miss her......I miss her so much, my little baby little Gracie Ann
I know that You, Lord Jesus, are holding my Gracie Ann and that  she is so jovial and forever freed from pain and hardships....
...and I would never want to take that away from her. 
It is every mother's dream for her child
My Loving Jesus, Lord of all....
When You took Gracie Ann home with You, my humanness was so surprised......
I felt that Gracie Ann and I had so much more earthly glorifying of You to do, through her amazing life.
But as I am so little and I know nothing further than my impoverished earthly bubble can grasp.......Gracie Ann's God-given worldly mission was in fact
complete and perfect.
My Dearest Lord Jesus......
You took my most beautiful cross,
 of faithfully serving, and worrying about my precious little Gracie Ann .
And You exchanged it for an even more stunningly brilliant, but much heavier cross,
of having this little angel taken away from me
"Not my Will, but yet Your Will be done"
Mark 14:26

Dear Lord Jesus,
I know that You will carry me through this.  
I know that You will show me the way. 
I know that You will heal my wounds. 
I know that You will shower me with an abundance of Your Grace

I will praise You in this storm
I will love You with all of my heart
I will trust in You always
I will never turn away from Your most Beautiful Face
I will always choose You today, tomorrow, and forever until my very last breath has left my body
Because without You, whom would I go?
I am Your's
Psalm 147:3
"He healeth the broken of heart, and bindeth up their wounds"
Psalm 6:2
"Have compassion on me Lord, for I am weak. Heal me Lord, for my bones are in agony"
Over 1100 people filled our Sanctuary to honor and praise our Lord
And to visit our tiny St. Gracie Ann at her Funeral Mass

We were and are so humbled by the support of all of the faithful souls, who lifted ourselves along with our little Gracie Ann up in Prayers with such love
Our entire house was filled with beautiful fragrance.....I cannot describe how powerful receving all of these gorgeous flowers, Masses, sympathy cards, yummy food, and prayerful love.....was to aide us in our survival through this time of agony.  
All of the prayers offered for us, are truly sustaining us

Msgr Hart gave a most beautiful and comforting Homily....
We are in awe of Msgr Hart's love for us, leading His flock home to Jesus, as our true and faithfilled Shepherd
"Our God"
By: Chris Tomlin

Water You turned into wine
Opened the eyes of the blind
There's no one like You
None like You

Into the darkness You shine
out of the ashes we rise
There's no one like You
None like You

Our God is Greater
Our God is Stronger
God You are higher than any other

Our God is Healer
Awesome in power
Our God, Our God

And if our God is for us
Than who could ever stop us
And if our God is with us
Than what can stand against 
And if our God is for us
Than who could ever stop us
And if our God is with us
Than what can stand against 
Dear Jesus,
I love You so much with everything that I have and with everything that I am.
I know and feel You carrying me and giving me every Grace that myself, Jeremy, and our children could ever need to get us through this.
Jesus, I trust in You
love, kerry ann