Thursday, February 1


Jesus is certainly keeping us on our toes with this little one.....
Our Lord is Perfect and Loving as He strips Jeremy and I of any false sense of control or pride, calling us, yet again to just Trust in Him
*Our little Gracie Ann started her day with many blessings
*She loves her new room and she was even able to wean off her oxygen late this morning and was doing amazing.
*Madison spent the day with her and even braided Gracie's hair
 Gracie Ann's hair is so curly that we had no idea of how long it really was
Sister time is the best  
*Her wonderful doctor even set a discharge date for Monday!!
But then.....
*Little Gracie Ann started to struggle with her breathing
*Her heart rate dropped
*Madison ran to get a nurse to help
*Gracie Ann was put back onto oxygen
*They are monitering her heart
*Her body temperature was very low so they are warming her under the lights again
*Thankfully, she did NOT have to be put back into the ICU
with all that happened..
*My sweet Madison was so afraid when all of this happened and she is still very shaken and upset
(she was the one who called 911 when I stopped breathing....TWICE)
I know that Jesus is holding our little Gracie Ann in the Palm of His strong and loving Hands
He is holding all of us and will never leave us

We are so humbled and utterly grateful to our Lord for ALL OF YOU, who are fervently praying for our little Gracie Ann and for our family
We will forever be indebted

My Dear Lord Jesus,
I am so afraid of what might be to come, but I will up to look You, my Merciful Lord for guidance and for wisdom, as I know that You know what is best for me and what is best for Gracie Ann and what is best for ALL of Your children. 
I know that this world is broken and that I am here in exile, as I learn how to always follow You without question, and as I learn how to love You more fully and more perfectly.  You are my Savior and my King.
Thank You for giving your little girl (me)  opportunity after opportunity to Trust in You.....and then blessing our family so greatly as You work amazing miracles in our baby girl.

I want every day of my life and each and every breath that I take to honor You.
Each day, without a question, without a doubt.....
I choose You
kerry ann