Friday, March 2


It was the perfect "park day" weather
 A very beautiful park near our house
 Swings are the best
 Daddy pushes REALLY high!!!

 Daddy....if I SLIDE DOWN the slide........
 YOU have to too!
I think that Dad enjoyed sliding just as much as Isaac
 I chased Isaac through this log......I almost didn't fit!!
 Can you see my sweet little boy.....he really enjoys hiding A LOT
He's LOVING the park......
He kept yelling to people walking their dogs through the park....

ISAAC: "Hi!"
STRANGER (walking their dog): "Hello"

All in All.....we met a lot of new friends at the park today
 Our Sweet Baby Boy just wants to have fun and brings us so much joy as he IS ALWAYS so jovial!
He reminds us.....only as a little one can, how to live a life free from frustration and worry!
He just LIVES...
He falls down and gets right back up, because he wants to play.
He gets cross with one of his siblings and within 5 seconds forgives them and forgets.... just because he does not foster any anger.

I learn so much from him and I hope that, because Jesus greatly blessed me, by trusting me to be his earthly mama....that he is learning from me as well.
All that I want is to lead my children home to You
I love being Isaac's mommy.  I love him with all of my heart and he shows me each and every day how much he loves me too....with kisses, hugs, words and the amazing blessed fact that he only wants mommy right now....we are in that stage which is a joy-filled stage for a mommy indeed.

Thank You Dear Lord Jesus....
 for parks, slides and the beautiful weather to enjoy them.
Joy is within my grasp.....I just need to reach out and take hold of it and never let go.
I love You so much, my Lord
I will offer everything that I have and everything that I am, to spend my days on earth to grow closer to You....dying to myself, so that I can live for You alone.
I desire to grow in holiness so that You can dwell inside of my heart

Lord Jesus, please help sweet never forget how to be joyful
I love You my Sweet and Merciful Father
Thank You for each and every awesomely great, but seemingly insignificant little blessing that You shower upon a park day with Isaac  
For these such instances are of the most importance in my life and in the life of my kids.
All I have to show You in regards to my extreme gratefulness to You   is offering You my weak and sinful humanness.....It is all that I have to offer, because anything and everything that is good in me, is You already
I choose You
I love You
And I pray to please You in each and every aspect of my life
kerry ann