Friday, September 7


I absolutely love seeing this jeep in my driveway...
It means that my Madison is home from A&M for a visit!!
Boy i sure did miss’s raining out tonight, so plans for the Faustina football game were canceled (we live too far away with this weather) 
We’re ordering in Chinese and I’m loving every minute of this!!! Praise You Father for bringing Madison home safe....all my babies are safe.   
 I haven’t seen her since we dropped her off in College Station....this is the best hug
 We ALL missed her so much....Unfortunately Daddy is out of town hunting this week, but he went to see her last week (to hang her TV.....daddies are the best)
 Madison and Isaac are always really silly together
 Madison taught Isaac how to "Gig Em"
💗 there was someone else who missed our Madison a lot too.....and Madison missed Benny
The game was rained out so he came right over

I think that it was harder to say goodbye to Madison today, than it was on the day we left her at College.....I think that my heart was prepared for the worst that saturday evening in August
But heart was NOT prepared for her to leave.
It just went by way too fast.  I just love my little chicks so very much and I always want them all safe at home in our nest.

My Jesus, my Lord
Thank You Father for my children.  I am so very honored to be a mom!
Thank You for guiding my little ones and taking care of them as they grow up and are NOT so little anymore.  I love You Lord....and my only prayer that I plead for, is for Jeremy, myself, and our children to NEVER EVER turn away from You.  
As for their earthly success and secular measure.....I will gladly trade it all for holiness.
I don't need or desire anything else for us and our children.....other than You
I love You my Sweet Lord and I will follow You and praise You, through all of the joys, and through all of the storms. You and only You are my life, my breath, my absolute everything.
I want that, so much, for my family, today, tomorrow and forever .  Please never allow even one of us to be plucked from Your Grasp.
Love, kerry ann