Saturday, November 10


Happy Birthday to two very beautiful and special friends of mine. 

You’ve been such an inspiration to me
i am so grateful to our Lord that He blessed this world, with TWO amazing girls on this exact day.....and that He SO mercifully gifted me with your friendship. 
I love you Christina and Denise so much
Michelle, Christina, me, Denise, Gail, Susanna
Such a fun birthday party celebrating my two beautiful friends… And this celebration was filled with so much joy that left a smile on my face.....I still smile when I think of the memories that this special evening held
Thank You Jesus,
For blessing me with such a beautiful group of friends, who we can laugh, celebrate, pray, and cry together, as we share our hearts and we try to lift each other up and inspire each other in our journey towards You, Lord

I love You Dear Jesus
Rhonda, Christina, Denise, Michelle, Susanna
 Diana, Denise, Christina
Gina and Denise

Me and Gail....we always have to take our "Snuggle pic" it is just so dorky but it makes us laugh every time
Gail so graciously asked me to help with the party (party favors) and we had the best time making them as we laughed and visited.  Gail always reaches out to me and makes me feel so special....she is a wonderful friend

me, Tegan, Mai-Khan, Gina 
(me and Rhonda)
We are "such" the Trendy moms with our teenage girl pose....You are such a great friend, Rhonda!
You always make me laugh so much!  I love being dorky with you!  Thank you for being Dorky with me
Here (for the very first time in America) is Rhonda and my famous 
🌈🌈“full body friendship heart”🌈🌈 IS a thing!

Rhonda and i were laughing so hard...the best part was that Rhonda's daughter Christine was taking the picture and she assured us that our "Friendship heart"....."was honestly NEVER a thing!"
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚'ve witnessed the birth of this new photo trend 
Now you have the responsibility of bringing it to all the younger people!!
I love it!! I love being silly with you, Rhonda
πŸ’—I love youπŸ’—
what an extra special blessing to be graced with a picture of me and Mr Ayers. 
This man is virtue personified and his heart, truly reflects Christ!!
 Both of my girls love him so much, and he is always so kindly looking out for them! 
I’m so grateful to our Lord, to have this amazing man in the lives of my family 
Thank you for everything, Mr AyersπŸ’—

What an evening filled with joyful celebration! It is a night that I will never forget.  So much laughter and happiness
I am so honored to be able to celebrate these amazing friends on their special day
Happy Birthday Christina and Denise
You are such a blessing to me and to every soul who has crossed  your paths
Thank You Jesus for putting these wonderful friends in my life.  I wouldn't be where I am today without their prayers, inspiration, trust, and kindness
Thank You for blessing me with new lungs and with new life Thank You for allowing me to be a part of such joy and fellowship with wonderful and faith-filled souls.

I thought it, impossible that I could ever come back.....after being so sick...but with You Lord, all things are possible
You are the my Beginning and my End

God, You are so good 
I love You so much more than I could ever express
I promise to Adore You for all Eternity
Thank You for blessing me so mercifully here on earth
Jesus, I Trust in You