Saturday, December 8


With the Killians
Las Vegas

December 8, 2018

George Strait
(a great man who I have been a huge fan of for most of my life)
My love, Jeremy surprised me with tickets to George Strait in Last Vegas with our wonderful and super fun friends, Scott and Gail.  It was also in celebration of Scott's birthday
We had so much fun

Jeremy asked me....
"How many Rosaries do you think have been prayed actually IN the Venetian Casino?" 
Things that you only hear, when on a trip with Catholics.....
Our friends met us at this table (in the casino) and we were just finishing up praying our Rosary together as our friends approached the table
Our friend Scott says....."Awe, I haven't even started my Rosary yet today, Dang!"
It was also the weekend of the Feast of the Immaculate Saturday was a Holy day and then regular Mass on Sunday
Since Scott and Gail came in after Jeremy and I got there and after our hello's...

Jeremy says..."Okay, I have figured out all of the Mass time options and locations for tomorrow and Sunday!"
The Killians....."Oh good!"

You might be traveling with a Catholic when.......

We had an amazing time together!  

We could have hung out and talked and laughed forever!  
We ate amazing food...
visited, gambled on the Big Wheel
 Gail introduced me to The Big Wheel.....I was immediately addicted!
I guess that is NOT the best word to use when discussing Vegas
.....saw some gorgeous hotel displays

George Strait is a just a wonderful person and an amazing artist. His work has stood the test of time and through his amazing Christian Faith, which he proudly sings about, he has stayed a truly honest and upstanding man. 
He sells out stadium after stadium full of diehard George Strait/country music fans, and sings from his soul....without ever having to sell "himself" out to stay famous, as most all of the celebrities have done

......and still love it today.  I made my kids sit through it 2 years ago on New Years Eve and they all fell asleep
They just don't understand a really pure and good movie

 Gail and I were starstruck to say the least, when we saw the his infamous "Dusty Jacket"

The concert was about to start
My favorite part of the story.....
Since I was young, I have always loved George Strait's song "Baby Blue"
Later in my young adult life, I learned that it was song about his sweet daughter Jenifer, who had died.
Then I loved it even more.
After we I lost my sweet baby Gracie Ann, this same song, meant THE WORLD to me as I would sing it and think about my little girl.
So all in wish was that George would sing it at his concert that evening.
Even though, for most of my life, Baby Blue was a hugely popular song, whom I thought everyone would remember, I learned before we went to Vegas, that he in fact has more than 100 BillBoard Chart toppers, so there was a good chance that he MAY NOT end up singing "Baby Blue"
Then I just took it to God in prayer.....Jesus doesn't OWE ME any special favors, as there would definitely be other fans in the audience  who hoped to hear a different song, special to a time in their life.
So not really not feeling as though I DESERVED to hear him sing little wounded heart just longed to hear him sing it in person and just get to think about Gracie Ann.

Well.....there were 4 sides to the stage. We had really nice seats but we were only on one side of the 4 sides that he would sing to.
He started on the side to our right.  He sang one fast song and then 2 slower songs.  Then he moved to the side opposite us and sang 3 slower songs.  Usually in my experience, a singer will start off fast to get the crowd going and then sit and talk to the audience and sing a ballad or two.  He had only sung 1 fast song so far, and all of the rest were slower.  Also, I felt as though I knew most of his songs, but quickly realized that I didn't know most of the songs that he was performing.  So between THAT fact and the fact that some fast songs were surly coming soon, I was losing hope that I would get to hear "Baby Blue" 
But you see.....Jesus is so amazing that He already knows what I will be thinking before I even think it.  He didn't want to just give me a gift.....He wanted to show His most beautiful Love for me, because He adores all of His children so much.
 It was finally OUR SIDE that he moved to.  He started by singing the famous "Amarillo By Morning"...another rather slow song, but one I do love and really enjoyed singing along.  I decided in my heart that I could offer up my longing as a special prayer, and that, that was definitely better than getting exactly what I wanted that night.
OH MY GOODNESS....after he finished "Amarillo By Morning"...everyone was screaming so it was always hard to hear the music starting for the next song....BUT the entire stage, along with the stadium all of a sudden turned totally blue with lights....
My heart began to panic as in all of the excitement, I was trying to hear the music starting up.....
....Not only at the concert that I was at.....but he literally sang it facing me!! 
 Tears rolled down my cheeks as I sang along with him as loud as I could.  Jeremy was tearing up and said in my ear...."you knew that He would" 
....and our dear friends were emotional too.  They are so caring, that they were hoping that he would sing Baby Blue as well!

...They knew how much my heart desired this gift. As the song was playing.....
Gail yelled (over all of the noise) "I knew God would do this for you, kerry!" 
Wow, Gail and Scott are such a blessing in my life and their family is such a blessing in the life of our entire family
 That moment I tried to take it in and not miss even one second of this undeserving and most incredible gift

 It was an amazing concert!  George Strait left the stage, but he never sang a most important song-aside from Baby Blue
What song?  Well, after everyone left the know what happened next, he ran back up for an encore guessed it...He sang...
 "All my Exes Live in Texas"
Then he ended with "This is Where the Cowboy Rides Away"
What an amazing night!

And that is how the story of our super fun Vegas trip ended.

Oh Dear Jesus,
You knew that my heart was longing, and i knew that i should never expect or pray for a special sign from i know without a doubt that You are always with me and that You know that longings of my soul.
You never have to prove Your Mightiness to me.  I love You for now and for always...
But You Love me with a Love that my mind could never understand.  And You want your little girl (me) to be happy and You are always giving me precious gifts.
On this most special night....
You allowed my heart to long
You allowed my heart to worry that my longing might not be fulfilled
You then gave me the incredible gift of acceptance in my soul, that this unanswered longing was undeserving and would be better served as a special suffering offered up for You, Jesus. You allowed me to joyfully surrender my desire back to You
i love You so much
i want to Glorify You with every minute of my life
You ARE my Entire Life
You are my Entire Heart
You are my Every Breath
i will Adore You with my entire being for my entire life
and for all of Eternity.....

All Glory Be to The Father and to The Son and to The Holy Spirit