Monday, April 1


God blessed Isaac and I in a very unexpected way today.  On our way home from Mass, Daddy needed to stop by the hardware store to pick up some items for a special project.
 Well, he was inquiring about what he might need.....Isaac and I came upon a most amazingly little gift
You guessed chickies!

 Look at his little wings forming.....God is Amazing

 Isaac loved when the little chickies would peck at his finger

 We could have watched them ALL DAY

Dear Lord Jesus,
You are always so Good to your children.  Thank You for this unexpected happiness this morning.  We are so undeserving, but Your endless Mercy is always flowing so freely
I love You so much
Thank You for loving me too, so much.....and for always showing Your Most beautiful Face to me each and every day.  I could not live without You, Jesus
kerry ann