Sunday, May 26



Our blessed Sunday started with a most beautiful Mass at The Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary Queen of The Universe.  This church was visited by JPll (St. John Paul ll)
.....and just because Jesus is Mighty and Loves to constantly shower all of His beloved children with a bountiful amount of joyful surprises....

OUR FAMILY WAS ASKED TO BRING UP THE GIFTS AT MASS. What an honor to serve in such a special way at Holy Mass
And guess who we were SO blessed to have dinner with last night (The Biergarten at Epcot) and see at Mass this morning....
The Killian/Taylor Orlando clan.  Allie and Billy bring such happiness to our hearts!!


SIDE NOTE: We argued ALL THE WAY  from our resort, to Hollywood Studios😳
Family arguments always wound my heart😔. i guess that we have to experience suffering in order to recognize joy💙

BUT i have faith that our Merciful Lord will bring us many smiles and laughter......soon i hope..i can’t wait😩

God is’s going to be a great afternoon. 
The day of course was a blessed one. Jesus make ALL THINGS NEW.  We were very tired today. Disney World has  brought us so much joy along with a bit of exhaustion....and tons of smiles and happy tummies!! #epcot
We even were blessed to spend more time with the sweet Taylor family. We had so many wonderful laughs together🌸
God bless you Allie, Billy and your little baby bump. We miss you already. 
God is Good