Sunday, December 4


My children got to perform at our mall with the Christian Performing Arts Center.  They were so precious singing Christmas carols and then more singing and dancing, professing their faith for the passerby's  I think the shoppers were surprised to see so much faith from such a big group of little kids, and teens!  I just love that my kids can be a part of CPAC!
 I love that look on Madison's face.  This was before they started singing.  She was laughing and embarrassed at the same time....there was a boy (who you cannot see behind the crowd) telling her a joke.
 There is little Nick and Savannah.  They just electrified the place!  What a way to get everyone in the Christmas spirit and help all to refocus!
 They sang Christmas carols, Christian rap songs and danced hip hop!  It is such an energetic and cool way to praise our Lord.   In the words of St. Augustine, "The one who sings, prays twice!"
There is nothing like the sound of Children's voices lifted up in praise!