Saturday, January 28


Nicholas and Daddy made a Pinewood Derby car for this years Cub Scout Pinewood Derby for our Church Pack #32
 My boys worked hard for a couple of weeks preparing their car for the big race!  Even Uncle Jason took part in the project when he was in town over the weekend.  The brothers researched derby cars online to find the best and fastest car design.  Then all 3 boys (Uncle Jason, Jeremy, and Nick) went and bought all of the materials and worked for most of the day
 Nicholas LOVES anything that has to do with building projects and cars!!  He was on cloud 9.....his Daddy and his Uncle building together!!  What a great memory that he will cherish forever
It's all about being a boy!
 The official start of the 2012 Pinewood Derby at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Look at who got to carry the American Flag.....NICHOLAS! What an honor!
Nick's friend, Valdemar gets to be a flag carrier along side as all of the Tiger Cub Scouts follow close behind
 The race is about to begin...
 There is the official Pinewood Derby Racetrack
 Nick's car is the black flamed car between the green and red one.....lane 2!
On Your Marks.....Get Set....Go!!
 Nicholas' car was FAST!  He placed in the top 5......there were lots of cars too!!
 Such a great day!
 Here is a close up of the Derby Car
Totally Awesome!!