Monday, February 6


Our Sweet little Madison turned 12 years old!!  I cannot believe it!  We see these days of having our children home with us passing by just too quickly!  We want to savor every second.  So we decided that the perfect way to celebrate her birthday was to have a fun family weekend, away at our Lakehouse (just the 5 of us)  We played family games, went to see a movie,  and stayed in our jammies for most of the weekend.  It was all about Madison!  We love you, Darling!
  Here is our Madison
We played a lot of family games over the weekend, and one of our favorite was this game called "Kerplunk" We all laughed so hard! It was fun!
 Daddy enjoyed just relaxing with sports on the TV (when he wasn't playing games with the family)
 Max enjoyed a MEATY bone that he quickly ate the ends and then buried what was left.
What else did Max do over the weekend??
 Max chased swans, Canadian geese, pelicans, and ducks ALL DAY!  They would just swim in the lake close to the fence and Max would crazily run back and forth barking! The birds would just look at him and calmly swim by, knowing that the fence would protect them.  Max just didn't get it!  He never gave up until it got dark and the birds were gone!  Then he crashed on the floor from the hard day's work!
 One of the best parts of any weekend is the food!
 The kids just love to be funny when they eat!
One night over the weekend, the weather got really cold, so we had a hot chocolate treat!  We love hot chocolate!
Savannah pretty much just eats out the marshmallows
 Madison drinks it all up!
 Nicholas (who is NOT a chocolate fan) decided on a popsicle for his special treat on that cold winter evening
The one painful memory from the weekend is that my sweet baby Savannah fell and split her lip open.  We felt to bad for her.
She is such a sweetheart!

 Instead of a birthday cake, Madison saw it fitting for each of us to pick a pint of our favorite ice cream to enjoy.  The kids thought that the little containers were SO CUTE!
Here is our girl with her "birthday cake"
 Just blowing out the candles! (look at Nick's face...he was yelling "Eat More Chicken!")
Now for a taste!  Cookies and Cream for
Chocolate (always) for Savannah
 Rainbow Sherbet for Little Nick
 Java Chip for Daddy
 Mint Chocolate Chip for Mommy
 Here are my boys
 We just laughed all weekend long!  It was such a great time for our family!
We love you Precious Girl!