Friday, August 23


Nicholas had his sweet friend, Vance stay over night and I just had to post a few pics of these cute little ones.
 They built a "menu castle" when we went to Snuffers for dinner
Here are the 2 of them, like little men, visiting after a complicated and exciting game of "boats"  

I was sitting watching them swim from a little ways away so they totally forgot that I was there.  during this conversation, they are totally trying to decide whether or not the "pinky" is a real finger.....
Let's listen in.......
"People don't call it a finger, though....they call it a pinky", one of the boys says...."Ah, but they call this one a 'thumb' and it's a finger", the other boy retorts, "But the thumb has a FINGERNAIL!!"

Both boys are quiet and just look at each other for a minute....then they went back to playing boats!

That was the final comment in the finger debacle.  I guess that made the decision for them......Nobody brought up the fact that the "pinky" has a fingernail too, but when you are a little boy, I guess that it just doesn't matter.  Playing boats is more fun!!